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  1. Photo of Jerzy Skolimowski

    Jerzy Skolimowski Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Arcangelo Bonaccorso

    Arcangelo Bonaccorso Screenplay

  3. Photo of Ivan Turgenev

    Ivan Turgenev Screenplay

  4. Photo of Michael Sarne

    Michael Sarne Screenplay

  5. Photo of Evelyn Wendel

    Evelyn Wendel Screenplay

  6. Photo of James Carrington

    James Carrington Screenplay

  7. Photo of Anne Dutter

    Anne Dutter Screenplay

  8. Photo of Georges Dutter

    Georges Dutter Screenplay

  9. Photo of Mario Cotone

    Mario Cotone Executive Producer

  10. Photo of Angelo Rizzoli Jr.

    Angelo Rizzoli Jr. Producer

  11. Photo of Stanley Myers

    Stanley Myers Music

  12. Photo of Witold Sobociński

    Witold Sobociński Cinematography

  13. Photo of Dante Spinotti

    Dante Spinotti Cinematography

  14. Photo of Cesare D'Amico

    Cesare D'Amico Editing

  15. Photo of Francesco Bronzi

    Francesco Bronzi Production Design

  16. Photo of Timothy Hutton

    Timothy Hutton Cast

  17. Photo of Nastassja Kinski

    Nastassja Kinski Cast

  18. Photo of Valeria Golino

    Valeria Golino Cast

  19. Photo of William Forsythe

    William Forsythe Cast

  20. Photo of Urbano Barberini

    Urbano Barberini Cast

  21. Photo of Francesca De Sapio

    Francesca De Sapio Cast

  22. Photo of Jacques Herlin

    Jacques Herlin Cast

  23. Photo of Antonio Cantafora

    Antonio Cantafora Cast