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  1. Photo of Stig Björkman

    Stig Björkman Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Fredrik von Krusenstjerna

    Fredrik von Krusenstjerna Director

  3. Photo of Lars Jönsson

    Lars Jönsson Producer

  4. Photo of Björn Blixt

    Björn Blixt Cinematography

  5. Photo of Anthony Dod Mantle

    Anthony Dod Mantle Cinematography

  6. Photo of Jan Röed

    Jan Röed Cinematography

  7. Photo of Lars von Trier

    Lars von Trier Cast

  8. Photo of Morten Arnfred

    Morten Arnfred Cast

  9. Photo of Katrin Cartlidge

    Katrin Cartlidge Cast

  10. Photo of Tom Elling

    Tom Elling Cast

  11. Photo of Tómas Gislason

    Tómas Gislason Cast

  12. Photo of Ernst-Hugo Järegård

    Ernst-Hugo Järegård Cast

  13. Photo of Peter Aalbæk Jensen

    Peter Aalbæk Jensen Cast

  14. Photo of Stellan Skarsgård

    Stellan Skarsgård Cast

  15. Photo of Emily Watson

    Emily Watson Cast

  16. Photo of Leon Flamholc

    Leon Flamholc Editing

  17. Photo of Steen K. Andersen

    Steen K. Andersen Sound

  18. Photo of Thomas Langballe

    Thomas Langballe Sound

  19. Photo of Ragnar Samuelsson

    Ragnar Samuelsson Sound