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  1. Babak Geranfar's rating of the film Trash

    Another favela flic which has all the means to be great but it stops right before going to be a flop. Stephen Daldry is lost!

  2. Burcu Soygüzeloğlu's rating of the film Trash

  3. Mariana Narciso's rating of the film Trash

  4. SafeStanding's rating of the film Trash

    It depends which angle you're coming from as to whether this film is seen as a success or failure as per other comments. An enjoyable drama in the favelas with it's vivid sound and colour. Corruption is rife and the impoverished always have the hardest fight for justice.

  5. MATTEO BITTANTI's rating of the film Trash

    Here's the thing about Brazil and the US. In the former, bribes are illegal. In the latter, they are protected as "freedom of speech". Really: Americans call them "donations". Consider this: 158 families have provided nearly half of the early money for efforts to buy the next president. So, both countries are corrupted plutocracies, but here a "gringo" plays the role of the good hearted missionary. Trash indeed.

  6. spiderliliez's rating of the film Trash

    Based from Andy Mulligan's novel of the same title. "Trash" was exciting from start to finish. Nothing to criticize here, just standout story-telling, interesting characters, great entertainment. The main characters here are the boys. Rooney Mara and Martin Sheen takes the backseat, and are really just supporting actors for these kids. They're an impressive bunch. I genuinely enjoyed every bit of it.

  7. Ali Ercivan's rating of the film Trash

    Ridiculously, embarassingly bad! Curtis' writing, out of his usual comfort zone, is really terrible and awfully naive. Also, can't comprehend how weak Daldry's storytelling skills got.

  8. Tigrão's rating of the film Trash

    Pleasantly surprised by this film. It uses old tricks but it really works. And Selton Mello as a bad guy, who would've thought?

  9. maravicente's rating of the film Trash

    Good movie for young kids.

  10. Alex's rating of the film Trash

  11. Charlie Bury's rating of the film Trash

    It's no Slumdog Millionaire or City of God, but it holds a clear and sensitive message that is worth every moment of your attention! It would be great to see Stephen Daldry and Richard Curtis do more together!