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Ratings & Reviews

  1. redux's rating of the film Twice Upon a Time

    Some films remain obscure for a reason. Or in this case, many.

  2. yasdnil's rating of the film Twice Upon a Time

    Thank goodness this was on TCM, because I had never heard of it before. Twice Upon a Time combines a very unique style of animation with silly humor, 80s music, and a dash of surrealism. Sort of like a family film with a hefty dose of good SNL humor. It's a shame this film isn't as popular as I think it deserves.

  3. WhatsUpWill's rating of the film Twice Upon a Time

    I watched the film based on Andrew Stanton's recommendation on filmspotting. I'm glad I did because the animation is beautiful and very cool. The story is funny without pandering to kids too. Nice to see some early work from director greats like Henry Selick and David Fincher as well who contribute their talents to animation sequence work and general visual effects, respectively. Highly recommended.