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Un flic

Directed by Jean-Pierre Melville
France, Italy, 1972
Drama, Crime


Edouard spends his time chasing criminals. Nightclub owner Simon works with a small crew to execute daring heists with big payoffs. Meanwhile Cathy is torn between them. After a bank robbery in a small Riviera town goes wrong, a game of cat and mouse begins between Edouard and Simon’s gang.

Our take

Jean-Pierre Melville’s swansong is a crepuscular, ice-blue tinted noir and operatic underworld exposé. Alain Delon plays the ultimate criminal-turned-cop antihero, alongside an extraordinary Catherine Deneuve, in this playful self-referential triumph that remains an unfading cinematic farewell.

Un flic Directed by Jean-Pierre Melville
…A master class in smooth pacing and precision. The opening scene is so hypnotic that it depicts a seaside heist as if it were a series of foggy, windswept memories unfolding in real time.
July 17, 2013
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It’s the quasi-mythical, ultimately tragic bond between Simon and Edouard that gives the movie its emotional heat. With barely a word spoken between them—mostly a series of virile glances—Delon and Crenna paint an idealized portrait of masculine camaraderie, one that’s exposed at the end of Melville’s bracing last testament as a soul-shattering illusion.
April 15, 2013
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Why is it so beautiful? Because it’s vulnerable, because it ‘connects’ everything and ‘holds’ nothing. Because it is so easy to speak of ‘mannerism’. Why is it so beautiful on TV? Because on TV, the all too visible intimism of Melville’s cinema becomes pure and simple intimacy. This intimacy is no longer a moral ‘value’ (shame, whatever), it’s the very stuff of Un flic, the sole reality whereby the small screen can serve as a box for precious things. The small screen becomes a jewel box.
October 21, 1988
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