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Under Electric Clouds

Pod elektricheskimi oblakami

Directed by Aleksei German Ml.
Russia, Ukraine, 2015


A work of epic ambition, this vision of near-future Russia consists of seven vignettes centered on an unfinished building whose architect perhaps went mad.

Under Electric Clouds Directed by Aleksei German Ml.

Awards & Festivals

Berlin International Film Festival

2015 | Winner: Outstanding Artistic Contribution (Silver Berlin Bear)

Asia Pacific Screen Awards

2015 | Winner: Achievement in Directing

Russian Guild of Film Critics

2016 | 4 nominations including: Best Cinematographer (White Elephant)

Under Electric Clouds is the film Blade Runner 2049 was attempting to be, give or take a couple of fist fights and explosions. This was the glacially paced dystopian rumination I’d wanted all along, it just took a film with its ambition without its humanity for me to realize it. Blade Runner is very clearly a study of who is and isn’t human. Aleksei German, Jr.’s Under Electric Clouds wonders what humanity means, and what it looks like, when progress has stranded us in a desert of our own ambition.
November 10, 2017
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Imagine a windy Sokurov talk-marathon Russo-adapted from J.G. Ballard or Don DeLillo: German is exploring, not declaring, and his landscape of terminal beaches and abandoned skyscraper-skeletons expresses his ambivalence with a searing eloquence.
February 16, 2016
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This episodic Russian art film was written and directed by Aleksey German Jr. and shows the marked influence of his father’s work (My Friend Ivan Lapshin, Hard to Be a God) in its intricate tracking shots, immersive sound design, and opaque storytelling, dense with allusions to Russian art and history.
October 15, 2015
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