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  1. Terri Wise's rating of the film Union Depot

    Good little flick. Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. is a fine actor and nice to look at. Love love love Joan Blondell. This is one of those films you could, without irony, describe as having a lot of heart.

  2. willmckinley's rating of the film Union Depot

    UNION DEPOT (1932) has many of the elements that make Pre-Code films great: a lead character (Douglas Fairbanks Jr) who's an unrepentant thief; a love interest w/ a shady past (Joan Blondell); amorously agressive women; a creepy sex fiend and an unhappy ending. Add support from the always delightful Guy Kibbee, Alan Hale and Frank McHugh, and you've got a 67-minute gem worth seeking out. (9/23/11, Warner Archive DVD)