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  1. Photo of Richard Ray Pérez

    Richard Ray Pérez Director, Cinematography, Screenplay Producer

  2. Photo of Robert Greenwald

    Robert Greenwald Executive Producer

  3. Photo of Earl Katz

    Earl Katz Executive Producer

  4. Photo of Amy Sommer

    Amy Sommer Executive Producer

  5. Photo of Joan Sekler

    Joan Sekler Screenplay, Producer Director

  6. Photo of Rebecca Flores

    Rebecca Flores Cinematography

  7. Photo of Brian Long

    Brian Long Cinematography

  8. Photo of Danny Glover

    Danny Glover Cast

  9. Photo of Peter Coyote

    Peter Coyote Cast

  10. Photo of William Haugse

    William Haugse Editing and Screenplay

  11. Photo of Matthew Martin

    Matthew Martin Editing

  12. Photo of Bobby Johnston

    Bobby Johnston Music

  13. Photo of Pam Iorio

    Pam Iorio Cast

  14. Photo of Anthony C. Hill

    Anthony C. Hill Cast

  15. Photo of Andrew Gillum

    Andrew Gillum Cast

  16. Photo of Greg Palast

    Greg Palast Cast

  17. Photo of John Nichols

    John Nichols Cast

  18. Photo of Corrine Brown

    Corrine Brown Cast

  19. Photo of Ion Sancho

    Ion Sancho Cast

  20. Photo of Jake Tapper

    Jake Tapper Cast

  21. Photo of Vincent Bugliosi

    Vincent Bugliosi Cast

  22. Photo of Jamin Raskin

    Jamin Raskin Cast

  23. Photo of Avi Rubin

    Avi Rubin Cast