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  1. Photo of Lou Adler

    Lou Adler Director, Executive Producer Producer

  2. Photo of Cheech Marin

    Cheech Marin Screenplay and Cast

  3. Photo of Tommy Chong

    Tommy Chong Cast and Screenplay

  4. Photo of Tom Skerritt

    Tom Skerritt Cast

  5. Photo of Edie Adams

    Edie Adams Cast

  6. Photo of Strother Martin

    Strother Martin Cast

  7. Photo of Stacy Keach

    Stacy Keach Cast

  8. Photo of The Dills

    The Dills Cast

  9. Photo of The Whores

    The Whores Cast

  10. Photo of Berlin Brats

    Berlin Brats Cast

  11. Photo of Rodney Bingenheimer

    Rodney Bingenheimer Cast

  12. Photo of Cheryl Smith

    Cheryl Smith Cast

  13. Photo of Gene Polito

    Gene Polito Cinematography

  14. Photo of Danny Kortchmar

    Danny Kortchmar Music

  15. Photo of Lee Oskar

    Lee Oskar Music

  16. Photo of Waddy Wachtel

    Waddy Wachtel Music

  17. Photo of Leon Ericksen

    Leon Ericksen Production Design

  18. Photo of Lou Lombardo

    Lou Lombardo Producer

  19. Photo of Scott Conrad

    Scott Conrad Editing