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  1. Photo of Diego Olivares

    Diego Olivares Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Marcello Olivieri

    Marcello Olivieri Screenplay

  3. Photo of Luisa Ranieri

    Luisa Ranieri Cast

  4. Photo of Massimiliano Gallo

    Massimiliano Gallo Cast

  5. Photo of Salvatore Esposito

    Salvatore Esposito Cast

  6. Photo of Nando Paone

    Nando Paone Cast

  7. Photo of Gennaro Di Colandrea

    Gennaro Di Colandrea Cast

  8. Photo of Miriam Candurro

    Miriam Candurro Cast

  9. Photo of Marianna Robustelli

    Marianna Robustelli Cast

  10. Photo of Andrea Locatelli

    Andrea Locatelli Cinematography

  11. Photo of Enzo Gragnianiello

    Enzo Gragnianiello Music

  12. Photo of Marco Messina

    Marco Messina Music

  13. Photo of Sacha Ricci

    Sacha Ricci Music

  14. Photo of Antonio Farina

    Antonio Farina Production Design

  15. Photo of Gianluca Curti

    Gianluca Curti Producer

  16. Photo of Davide Franco

    Davide Franco Editing

  17. Photo of Daniele Maraniello

    Daniele Maraniello Sound