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Venom and Eternity

Traité de bave et d'éternité

Directed by Isidore Isou
France, 1951
Drama, Avant-Garde


In this experimental film, Isidore Isou, the leader of the lettrist movement, lashes out at conventional cinema and offers a revolutionary form of movie-making: through scratching and bleaching the film, through desynchronizing the soundtrack and the visual track.

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Venom and Eternity Directed by Isidore Isou

What are people saying?

  • El Biffo's rating of the film Venom and Eternity

    Isidore Isou was a brilliant visionary whose work was a harbinger of the Situationist movement, 17 years before the Paris Riots (which, actually first started at the Paris Cinemateque in March '68!). A classic of avant-garde cinema. See it if you can!

  • Jesse Furgurson's rating of the film Venom and Eternity

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  • Korial's rating of the film Venom and Eternity

    Rambling (apparently), animated, convoluted, pretentious, full of himself, but absolutely genius and on point. The manifesto of an avant-garde, at the same time its theory and its practice, and the result of a broader and radical critique of the art that is cinema. A fundamental piece: cinema about cinema. Approach it with care; an headache is assured.

  • Alex Ander 0's rating of the film Venom and Eternity

    difficult film to watch if you've housemates around who can only interpret content from Netflix, remarks will include "why is the camera upside down?" "this isn't a movie".. but really this is a powerful film w/ a valuable message delivered w/ force. it's egoistic, rimbaud-esque. the second part features the "barbarity of the voice", voices become noise yet the narrators' returns with "I I I" & ego impedes breakthru

  • DrFirestone's rating of the film Venom and Eternity

    Incredibly ahead of its time! This is a visionary's work... Watching this "film", I was constantly reminding myself it was 1951, not the late 1960s - it feels so New Wave... Basically, it's a personal statement, cinema about cinema, and a pure example of avant-garde at its best. Over time, the narration becomes a bit oppressive and fiercely relentless - it is an integral part of the film though. Top cinema!

  • dionysus67's rating of the film Venom and Eternity

    A jarring and unapologetically disjunctive manifesto of anti-art, which coming from Isou, is something to be cherished. The best segments are those with documentary footage: the most politcal that is. Unfortunately this lacks the cinematic genius, density and economy of a Buñuel or the poetry of a Cocteau. Thus, the cacophony of the editing and the manic narrative alienate excessively. But then, this was Isou's goal.

  • guillermo's rating of the film Venom and Eternity

    May 68 before May 68. Against rationalism, suicidal arts. A film that is not a film. Visions that hurt our eyes. Sounds that hurt our ears. Just fragments of noise. Meaning is politics-driven. Cinema at its best brings its own destruction. Of course this is irritating. Looking backwards, this seems to be a sad success. Who won? They were right, but they lost. We are still defeated.

  • Ponyoneiro's rating of the film Venom and Eternity

    Um importante manifesto fílmico que com muito afinco tenta criar o novo na arte.Apesar de todas as criticas sofridas ao modo que se fazia cinema, esse "novo" modo de fazer cinema, abriu espaço para novas criações e novos modos contravencionais de criação.Como exposto no filme :"O cinema anterior deve ser consumido mastigado e vomitado,para que esse vômito seja considerado o futuro e o avanço da arte cinematográfica."

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