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  1. ap's rating of the film Waiting for 'Superman'

  2. James Mackin's rating of the film Waiting for 'Superman'

    A pretty rough showcase of the American education system.

  3. Andrew Weaver's rating of the film Waiting for 'Superman'

    Provides some good analyses of issues in public schools, but the positives are off-set by the heavy handed pro-charter narrative. Everything makes sense when Bill Gates pops up to tell you how to fix education

  4. msmichel's rating of the film Waiting for 'Superman'

    Informative, maddening but a little preachy. Felt more like a diatribe at times then a documentary. Made me glad to be Canadian though. Would have been a better doc I think following the development of the independant public schools and not getting into that fake "will they be selected or not" kind of pandering. Hmmm.... the more i write the less I like this one.

  5. Jake Howell's rating of the film Waiting for 'Superman'

    This movie looks like it will say what I've been thinking since Kindergarten.

  6. galuh indri's rating of the film Waiting for 'Superman'

    "I was like what do you mean he's not real. And she thought I was crying because it's like Santa Claus is not real and I was crying because there was no one coming with enough power to save us." -Geoffrey Canada

  7. Rininta Irientantya's rating of the film Waiting for 'Superman'

    now i know how american education system goes

  8. willythesalesman's rating of the film Waiting for 'Superman'

    informative but besides that nothing much. most people I know seem to like the film, most teachers I know are like "no shit, you didn't know?"

  9. Liam Peters's rating of the film Waiting for 'Superman'

    It's a messy film about a messy subject with some storylines abandoned mid narrative to be picked up far later and without substantial resolution. What shines is the absolute desire for education. These are children, parents, teachers and educators who are hungering for better. Looking beyond its borders may have made for a film with far more answers than which it eventually arrives.

  10. thepha's rating of the film Waiting for 'Superman'

    Inspiring in showing heroes against thieves, heartbreaking in showing a broken ineffective system fail so many who are unaware or ignorant to a harsh truth, and infuriating in how simple a solution is to a complex problem. But, with so many roadblocks and red tape, not only from government but teachers as well, it can seem impossible. Watch this documentary, be informed, then fight for a better future.

  11. junixu's rating of the film Waiting for 'Superman'

    Taught me some stuff I didn't know about the American education system. At the same time, it felt muddled and manipulative.

  12. Seth Farmer's rating of the film Waiting for 'Superman'

    I didn't care for the form or style of this documentary. I'm always wary of overproduction and oversentimentality (the two together are death). However, this is informative, highlights a problem, and points to possible solutions. This is all that can be asked. I think John Stossel's report "Stupid In America" is more direct and just as informative, though.

  13. claudia_sicon's rating of the film Waiting for 'Superman'

    Despite the vilification of the union and some problematic race representations, the film and its characters take you on an interesting journey. Guggenheim is shown not as a master of his very complex subject matter, but as willing to engage with it. This is an important and often ignored complexity. While the doc is in not spectacular, it should be commended for taking on the topic - it's a really important start.

  14. Kirby's rating of the film Waiting for 'Superman'

    A truly great documentary. I think it deserved the Oscar and it wasn't even nominated. What the hell, man?

  15. Dzimas's rating of the film Waiting for 'Superman'

    This is an oddly neocon way of looking at the American school system, as Guggenheim unfairly contrasts the worst of the public school system against the best of the charter school system, painting the American Federation of Teachers and NEA as the bad guys for not allowing more sweeping reforms in the public school system like Michelle Rhee proposed in the DC school system.

  16. WhatsUpWill's rating of the film Waiting for 'Superman'

    Racist. A very shallow look at an issue that is so gigantic. And yet, the characters documented within the film won me over in the end.

  17. rita amal's rating of the film Waiting for 'Superman'

    Simple, informative and effective. Loved it. This film reminded me of how lucky I was to go to a private school with 4 people per class and such personal attention. I would want the same for my children -- I can see why the mothers sacrificed so much to send their children to better schools. And it just broke my heart when Francisco said he didn't like school... he wasn't being challenged!!! :(

  18. Alice Tynan's rating of the film Waiting for 'Superman'

    Essential viewing, although a tad too cluttered.

  19. Blake GOBLE's rating of the film Waiting for 'Superman'

    Important, truly. But mawkish in form, and naive in proposition.