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  1. jbizarro's rating of the film Welcome to Sarajevo

    O comic book Fax de Sarajevo deu-me vontade de ver este filme de Michael Winterbottom. Incrível como à beira do séc. XXI, o mundo assistiu impávido e sereno a mais um holocausto. E desta vez nem podiam dizer que não sabiam o que estava a acontecer.

  2. Martin De Martin's rating of the film Welcome to Sarajevo

    Un film dai toni al limite del documentaristico, molto forte emotivamente, in cui Winterbottom dà ulteriore riprova delle sue qualità, alternando immagini d'archivio al proprio girato e puntellando il tutto con una gran colonna sonora. Ne esce un film ironico, beffardo e malinconico che riesce a non scadere mai nel didascalismo. Un piccolo bignami di grande sensibilità cinematografica.

  3. alcools's rating of the film Welcome to Sarajevo

  4. Vaida Kazlauskaitė's rating of the film Welcome to Sarajevo

    Might have been a very powerful piece of work had it not failed in trying to stuff as many sub-plots as possible in a little more than one hour. I'd have avoided the whole part on the children and the orphanage and especially the story of the little girl which to me was so weak and so undeveloped that I finally ended up with finding it hard to care for any of the characters or the story whatsoever

  5. Caden Cotard's rating of the film Welcome to Sarajevo

    I'm a little split on this film. On one hand, it's absolutely required viewing, as an accurate historical docudrama. It mixes in real news footage with its narrative, and I don't think Bosnian war films come closer to realism than this one. On the other, it's just not a great film. It's very well-acted, but a little confusing and unfocused. Oh, well.

  6. flobota's rating of the film Welcome to Sarajevo

    Interesting play with the fourth wall, most cynical use of popular music,

  7. comeandsee's rating of the film Welcome to Sarajevo

    the work of a true auteur. it is brutal, harrowing, poetic and yet at times unforgiving. the Klimov-esque mixture of fiction and real documentary footage blurs the line between cinema and reality. Winterbottom presents this genocide in a manner in which it cannot help but recall the worst, most morally empty crevices of humanity.