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Ratings & Reviews

  1. Peter's rating of the film What You Don't See

    Similar in tone to Haneke's "Austrian School" of unnerving filmaking, the film succeeds in creating a pervasive unease throughout, primarily driven by impressive performances by the young cast and the lush landscape photography. Ultimately not quite as effective or disturbing as Ozon's "See the Sea", but a worthwhile contender in the realm of psychological thrillers nonetheless.

  2. Westley's rating of the film What You Don't See

    This is a seriously creepy little film. It's like a Freudian nightmare. A sense of dread permeates nearly every scene. The film seems influenced by films from Tarkovski, Von Trier, Haneke, and Polanski; however, it is also unique enough to feel fresh. I think Wolfgang Fischer is a promising new director to watch.