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White Rabbit

Directed by Daryl Wein
United States, 2018
Comedy, Drama, LGBT+


Korean-born LA artist Sophia Lee devotes herself to her public performance art, whether it’s yelling about race in a park or quirky digital art online. To pay the bills, she does odd jobs. Just as she hits an emotional and professional wall, she meets Nana, who gives her life a much-needed spark.

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White Rabbit Directed by Daryl Wein

What are people saying?

  • MATTEO BITTANTI's rating of the film White Rabbit

    Wein treads well known neoliberal scams and forms of self-exploitation - art schools. social media, the gig economy, identity politics to name just a few - with gusto and savoir faire, avoiding crass didacticism. I did not care much about the (un)love story, but as a sociological treatise on contemporary Los Angeles (i.e. America), White Rabbit works great. A good companion to Jeon Go-Woon's Microhabitat (2017).

  • msmichel's rating of the film White Rabbit

    Though a nice acting showcase for both Vivian Bang and Nana Ghana, Wein's new feature fails to connect on anything more than a superficial level. Like his earlier 'Lola Versus' the film suffers from a lack of focus in both scripting and direction. There are several small moments that somewhat special but as a whole (even in its short length) it doesn't add up to much.

  • FilmEdie's rating of the film White Rabbit

    Meh. Contrived-feeling? Which isn't awesome if you're going for 'authentic'. (And if you're going for meta, we literally need 0.0 more slick, contrived movies about how slick & contrived LA is, please). Or, maybe it really does have something interesting to say about what authenticity looks like in 2018 America, and is still just not my kind of film anyway. 2.5

  • Or's rating of the film White Rabbit

    the art, cinematography, and colors of this film are simply amazing. the choice of soundtrack is spot on. all those things makes it an authentic indie film. it is, in fact, a portrait of an Asian American woman, which brings up questions about identity, history, migration and finding yourself in a big city in this modern age. the leading actress is really a unique and interesting character.

  • Arnauld Labadie's rating of the film White Rabbit

    A breathtaking game of freshness transports us from the phantasmagorical forest, where the white rabbit takes us into a committed universe, to spread messages and try to grow the consciousness of humanity. This whole artistic process leads the electrical encounter of two beings and two artists, whom the love at first sight fuses them with, and we keep the most beautiful part.

  • Not A Sexy Vampire's rating of the film White Rabbit

    Questions like "is it self-indulgent to make art when the world's going crazy?" suggest White Rabbit will follow along Microhabitat's example, exploring the sacrifices we make to keep us happy. Instead, it is more wide-ranging but less effective. Bunch of interesting ideas here (racial tensions between minorities, art as escape, relying on racial background as a crutch) but none are explored. Vivian Bang is amazing.

  • Wesley Pereira de Castro's rating of the film White Rabbit

    O filme é uma análise de um deslocamento identitário cindido em múltiplos recortes e atravessado por uma lógica de incompreensão artística. O complemento de atuações entre Vivian Bang e Nana Ghana é soberbo: que lindo casal homoerótico elas formam! Mas, para além disso, o filme é ainda mais relevante em sua multiplicidade de alvos: o desfecho melodramático, configurando uma Cabíria neo-geracional, é sublime! (WPC>)

  • Daniel Steyn's rating of the film White Rabbit

    Wein delivers an extraordinarily authentic cinematic tapestry of satire, mood and romanticism. White Rabbit's story is suitably undeveloped, making for a concise film that does not offer any easy answers. Its tone does not call for didacticism, and Wein skillfully avoids it. Instead, we are offered a subjective tale of passion, love and loneliness.

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