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  1. Photo of Mel Stuart

    Mel Stuart Director

  2. Photo of David Seltzer

    David Seltzer Screenplay

  3. Photo of Roald Dahl

    Roald Dahl Screenplay

  4. Photo of Gene Wilder

    Gene Wilder Cast

  5. Photo of Jack Albertson

    Jack Albertson Cast

  6. Photo of Peter Ostrum

    Peter Ostrum Cast

  7. Photo of Leonard Stone

    Leonard Stone Cast

  8. Photo of Rusty Goffe

    Rusty Goffe Cast

  9. Photo of Julie Dawn Cole

    Julie Dawn Cole Cast

  10. Photo of Denise Nickerson

    Denise Nickerson Cast

  11. Photo of Paris Themmen

    Paris Themmen Cast

  12. Photo of Michael Bollner

    Michael Bollner Cast

  13. Photo of Roy Kinnear

    Roy Kinnear Cast

  14. Photo of Dodo Denney

    Dodo Denney Cast

  15. Photo of Ursula Reit

    Ursula Reit Cast

  16. Photo of Diana Sowle

    Diana Sowle Cast

  17. Photo of Aubrey Woods

    Aubrey Woods Cast

  18. Photo of Günter Meisner

    Günter Meisner Cast

  19. Photo of Angelo Muscat

    Angelo Muscat Cast

  20. Photo of David Battley

    David Battley Cast

  21. Photo of Peter Capell

    Peter Capell Cast

  22. Photo of Werner Heyking

    Werner Heyking Cast

  23. Photo of Peter Stuart

    Peter Stuart Cast

  24. Photo of Marcus Powell

    Marcus Powell Cast

  25. Photo of George Claydon

    George Claydon Cast

  26. Photo of Malcolm Dixon

    Malcolm Dixon Cast

  27. Photo of Ismed Hassan

    Ismed Hassan Cast

  28. Photo of Rudy Borgstaller

    Rudy Borgstaller Cast

  29. Photo of Norman McGlen

    Norman McGlen Cast

  30. Photo of Pepe Poupee

    Pepe Poupee Cast

  31. Photo of Albert Wilkinson

    Albert Wilkinson Cast

  32. Photo of Arthur Ibbetson

    Arthur Ibbetson Cinematography

  33. Photo of Anthony Newley

    Anthony Newley Music

  34. Photo of Leslie Bricusse

    Leslie Bricusse Music

  35. Photo of David L. Wolper

    David L. Wolper Producer

  36. Photo of Stan Margulies

    Stan Margulies Producer

  37. Photo of David S. Saxon

    David S. Saxon Editing