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Ratings & Reviews

  1. Dan Kenneth Gigernes's rating of the film Wishmaster

    A great premise: "what if you find a genie in a bottle and you are granted a wish only that this genie twists on anything you say so that he can kill off as many cast members as possible". Andrew Divoff's deep bass voice heighten the film even when he is drowned in heavy make-up and the film has numerous fun deaths by horror favorites - best moment is seeing Ted Raimi crushed by a crate. Sadly the ending ruins all.

  2. Rocco's rating of the film Wishmaster

    Honestly, the Djinn is amazingly designed and played by Andrew Divoff, and the character deserved a much better franchise than this. Divoff is captivating and just the right amount of cheesy. Unfortunately, the execution is a mess overall and sorely lacking in cleverness and artistry. It's quite entertaining, though it's no surprise that the Djinn never reached horror icon status when his vehicle was so sloppy.

  3. corycorycorycory's rating of the film Wishmaster