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  1. Photo of Nikita Mikhalkov

    Nikita Mikhalkov Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Ramiz Fataliyev

    Ramiz Fataliyev Screenplay

  3. Photo of Sofiya Prokofyeva

    Sofiya Prokofyeva Screenplay

  4. Photo of Irina Kupchenko

    Irina Kupchenko Cast

  5. Photo of Mikhail Ulyanov

    Mikhail Ulyanov Cast

  6. Photo of Pavel Lebeshev

    Pavel Lebeshev Cinematography

  7. Photo of Eduard Artemyev

    Eduard Artemyev Music

  8. Photo of Aleksandr Adabashyan

    Aleksandr Adabashyan Production Design

  9. Photo of Igor Makarov

    Igor Makarov Production Design

  10. Photo of Aleksandr Samulekin

    Aleksandr Samulekin Production Design

  11. Photo of Eleonora Praksina

    Eleonora Praksina Editing

  12. Photo of Valentin Bobrovsky

    Valentin Bobrovsky Sound

  13. Photo of Vladimir Mazurov

    Vladimir Mazurov Sound