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Ratings & Reviews

  1. Howard Orr's rating of the film Wolfy

    Dark whimsy, a bit like "Sweetie-era" Jane Campion if she had grown up in the Russian hinterland. The disturbing aspects are lost under the rigorous style, which Sigarev would admirably disassemble for 2012's "Living".

  2. Giuliano's rating of the film Wolfy

    a very interesting debut - and am looking forward to watching Sigarev's latest film - Living- Sigarev seems to divide critics as strongly as Lars von Trier but something interesting is going on in his cinema - haven't seen Wolfy in ideal conditions - ie on a small computer screen but what have seen suggests that he has a real originality to his vision.

  3. Andrew Birch's rating of the film Wolfy

    The double movement of basing the screenplay on the childhood of Yana Troyanova while she herself plays the role of her own abusive mother gives the film a fascinating therapeutic dimension.

  4. afuchs's rating of the film Wolfy

    This film gets a special mention as it is better than its three opponents in my mind, in the category "please, think of the children" of the new Russian cinema: "The Italian", "Koktebel", "The Return". It is much better than those in that it is good.

  5. Товарищ Петя.'s rating of the film Wolfy

    Visually and emotionally striking with superb acting features, I thought this was the best film to come out of Russia in the year of 2009. Some scenes will stay with me a long time ahead.