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  1. Photo of Michael Steiner

    Michael Steiner Director

  2. Photo of Thomas Meyer

    Thomas Meyer Screenplay

  3. Photo of Noémie Schmidt

    Noémie Schmidt Cast

  4. Photo of Joel Basman

    Joel Basman Cast

  5. Photo of Sunnyi Melles

    Sunnyi Melles Cast

  6. Photo of Udo Samel

    Udo Samel Cast

  7. Photo of Rachel Braunschweig

    Rachel Braunschweig Cast

  8. Photo of Inge Maux

    Inge Maux Cast

  9. Photo of Lena Kalisch

    Lena Kalisch Cast

  10. Photo of Anina Mutter

    Anina Mutter Cast

  11. Photo of Michael Rutman

    Michael Rutman Cast

  12. Photo of Kamil Krejcí

    Kamil Krejcí Cast

  13. Photo of Friederike Frerichs

    Friederike Frerichs Cast

  14. Photo of Philippe Graber

    Philippe Graber Cast

  15. Photo of Kaspar Weiss

    Kaspar Weiss Cast

  16. Photo of Alexander Seibt

    Alexander Seibt Cast

  17. Photo of Joey Zimmermann

    Joey Zimmermann Cast

  18. Photo of Michael Saxer

    Michael Saxer Cinematography

  19. Photo of Adrian Frutiger

    Adrian Frutiger Music

  20. Photo of Marion Schramm

    Marion Schramm Production Design

  21. Photo of Ariel Glazer

    Ariel Glazer Production Design

  22. Photo of Christoph Daniel

    Christoph Daniel Producer

  23. Photo of Michael Steiger

    Michael Steiger Producer

  24. Photo of Hans G. Syz

    Hans G. Syz Producer

  25. Photo of Anita Wasser

    Anita Wasser Producer

  26. Photo of Benjamin Fueter

    Benjamin Fueter Editing

  27. Photo of Pascale Suter

    Pascale Suter Costume Design