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Directed by Abbas Fahdel
Lebanon, Iraq, 2018


Young Yara lives with her grandmother in a valley in northern Lebanon, where most of the inhabitants have either died or moved abroad. One day Elias, a young hiker, passes by the two women’s farm. With him, Yara will experience the joys and pains of first love.

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Yara Directed by Abbas Fahdel
The narrative might seem cliché, but Fahdel uses this fictional arrangement to present us with the reality of the people that live there, to show us the abandoned houses (ravaged by time and conflict), as well as using it as a point to present a more telling relationship between men and women, especially in the world portrayed there.
December 28, 2018
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Iraqi director Fahdel’s fifth feature is a gentle film, a whole other world away from his 2015 documentary Homeland (Iraq Year Zero). But it shares a concentration on the lives of ordinary people, their humour and stoicism. Yara’s tale of summer love unwinding against a background of almost Edenic beauty is a triumphant celebration of youth and innocence.
August 15, 2018
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Despite the plot unfolding in a remote Lebanese village, Yara remains true to its role models, and for that reason it manages to strike up a secret dialogue with Buñuel and Bresson.
August 09, 2018
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What are people saying?

  • larry john page's rating of the film Yara

    I see a view that is quiet, then it is loud with good ideas of love-the place is unknown to me until the end and that it is the best idea to have in mind. The view, simple unreferred, to be innocent of any other culture, a united nations connection, the living as freely to have strong linkages to a bloodline, rules that understand where the place is high.

  • saitosouta's rating of the film Yara

    In Japanese there's a word "honobono (ほのぼの)" which means simply "peaceful" but, more accurately, has more loose and comfortable nuance. "Yara" embodies the concept of "honobono". Animals wander carefreely in verdant nature and lovers sing in sunlight. Delightfully uneventful and breathtakingly alluring, it captures disarming beauty hiding in this world with simple yet ginormous magnanimity. What a little, little gem.

  • El Biffo's rating of the film Yara

    3.5* The love story is just a pretext for filming the beautiful Qadisha Valley in Northern Lebanon. Which isn't a bad idea, a travelogue masquerading as a drama. It is kind of strange how an incredibly magnificent place like this has almost no one living in it, and a completely unappealing and geographically uninteresting place like Indianapolis has almost a million residents. Go figure.

  • dionysus67's rating of the film Yara

    Extremely overrated and a typical example of auteur inflationism among professional film critics. The picturesque house in Northern Lebanon and the bright colors of objects in the surroundings do not compensate the mediocre acting, the lack of script, the rudimentary repérage, and the withdrawal from a solid likening of pristine love to the wider milieu. Essentially, this is postcard-cinema not even of bucolic value.

  • Asif Jatt's rating of the film Yara

    Beautiful and languorous film-making about first love in an idyllic setting amongst Lebanese mountain folk. I was mesmerised from the first scene right to the end....beautiful. The girl playing Yara has an innocent beauty which is captivating...reminded me of Manon des Sources!

  • easypz's rating of the film Yara

    Idyllic, but Yara & grandma depend on men for supplies/maintenance. Yara's 1st love respectful, but things turn menacing when "helpful" Rony imposes shadowy patriarchal anxiety just as lover Elias says he's leaving. Rony: "I can't accept it." Grandma: "Marry her." God no. Strong sequence as Yara considers gun & glimpses Elias passing barred bedroom window. So vulnerable. Poignant end. Slight awkwardness felt organic.

  • Mogens Madsen's rating of the film Yara

    Even on a Desert place like this Young love is reached by moralism - but the brave Young Girl defend herself -

  • Yang's rating of the film Yara

    The extremely naturalised acting, deliberate slow pacing, and repetitions of the same shots help create an undistorted vision of the reality of this place. The film excels in its sense of uneventfulness, in the peace and tedium that coexist, in it's celebration of innocence and love. A film that can truly transport you to this isolated, beautiful region of the world, if you have the patience. 3.5

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