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Yi Yi

Yi yi: A One and a Two

Directed by Edward Yang
Taiwan, Japan, 2000


Awarded the prestigious Golden Palm at the 2000 Cannes Film Festival, this intimate portrait centers around a middle-class family in Taipei as they live through personal everyday quandaries whilst pondering the harder questions in life.

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Yi Yi Directed by Edward Yang
This is a grand choral work, with a panoptic majesty and an emotional amplitude worthy of George Eliot or late Beethoven, whose ‘Song of Joy’ is quoted with the greatest delicacy in Kaili Peng’s piano score."
November 23, 2018
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It absorbed me whole—I felt like I had lived it, and not just because of its nearly three-hour runtime. “My uncle says we live three times as long since man invented movies,” one character says. “It means movies give us twice what we get from daily life.” Yi Yi contains the life cycle through its cast of characters—pregnancy, birth, childhood, a wedding, and a funeral—but it’s the way Yang lingers with each one of them that makes this movie feel so lived-in.
April 27, 2017
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Audiences in 2000 were astonished by how fluently Edward Yang’s Yi Yi portrays contemporary life through the intermingling stories of members of a Taipei family separated by the dilemmas specific to their stations in life. That’s quite ironic, because in today’s world of personal alienation through the allure of social media, the film now feels like a period piece, yet somehow, it resonates with an even greater urgency.
August 23, 2016
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What are people saying?

  • dionysus67's rating of the film Yi Yi

    A superbly orchestrated fresco of contemporary life that manages to function across a wide spectrum: from micro interactions to cinematographically noble openings in wider socio-cultural context. As a tapestry of a society's struggle for collective identity it impresses and astonishes. Young resorts to some obvious visual/character analogies and social/visual satirical metaphors but the film's bravura is undeniable.

  • Zac Weber's rating of the film Yi Yi

    A profound film that transcends description in its most intimate moments. Not the dramatic elements that push the narrative along, but the muted scenes afterwards that we often find ourselves dwelling on throughout the day in our own lives. Edward Yang is so gifted, and his pacing here makes the long run-time fly by. Also, I can't think of many film characters I've loved more than Yang-Yang.

  • lbunuel's rating of the film Yi Yi

    I consider Edward Yang one of the greatest film auteurs of all time, and his swan song is a directorial masterwork on authenticity, doubles, and lies. This is narratively and aesthetically complex, dazzling in scope and mysterious in its poetry. I have seen it three times, and I am still very far from reaching its core.

  • Jason's rating of the film Yi Yi

    There is just this piercing sense that we are encountering the post-global family, the new organic regime, and that we are dealing w/ the key cinematic work of millennial transition. This is just superlative art, but it is born of humility, and the expression is understated. Formally, every move is precise. Yang is master of the frame, wizard of tempo. Yi Yi: a rapturous account of the human phenomenon in the field.

  • Slow Immersion's rating of the film Yi Yi

    "And I wonder why I wake up at all..." Probably my favourite quote in any film, and a nice journey taken during this film - Uneven and too sentimental and melodramatic with it's acting, but there are some impressive moments throughout this film. Should have spent more time on Yang Yang; what an interesting little dude =)

  • tiagovitoria's rating of the film Yi Yi

    One of the most devastating movies I've ever seen. It's like entering on a bubble that does not give us more than the anxieties of living in the various stages of life. Since the modern life denouement to the questioning of values ​​and traditions. However Yi Yi is a film that must be seen at the right time or may loses all of its meaning.

  • Gylfi's rating of the film Yi Yi

    Yang's masterpiece Yi Yi uses it's three hours better than most other films, showing us the essence of life. Birth, first love and a wedding are all part of the beauty of life, but there is also a suicide attempt, a murder and a natural death. This is one of those films that I will come back to again and again. Next up, Taipei Story, A Brighter Summer Day and The Terrorizers. Can't wait ! Highly recommended.

  • Scottie Ferguson's rating of the film Yi Yi

    Okay, I'm a heathen for this, but I don't see what all the fuss is over. I just never found myself that interested in or involved with the characters, except maybe Yang-Yang. Perhaps my expectations were just raised too high; I was expecting more from the man who made "The Terrorizers".

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