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  1. Philippe Lajède's rating of the film Yi Yi

    (5+) Qu'est-ce que le cinéma? Now, we've a convincing answer.

  2. forever 219 por vida's rating of the film Yi Yi

    its 3 hours of bathing in the feeling you got when you at the final game of the season with the sports team you were on when you were a little foo.and i really liked it because feeling that but in an exterior way, makes you emotionally appreciate what you can usually can only intellectually sentimental and so romantic..only reason to stay alive..aka your life IS as romantic as you sometimes think it is

  3. luminous's rating of the film Yi Yi

    excruciating sense of incompleteness in spite of living the same questions, over and over again

  4. ginobartolomi's rating of the film Yi Yi

    Never ever was there a film made with more heart and soul. Captures the human spirit so eloquently.

  5. DSPRKY's rating of the film Yi Yi

    There's a lot going on behind the scenes of this slow-moving drama: a weighty weariness, a cultural unease in the capitalist city. The characters are almost never together, and even when they are, they're separated by walls, glass, by an unspoken existential barrier. Only the eyes of a child can pierce the veil.

  6. TZUHSIEN TANG's rating of the film Yi Yi

  7. Bonnet Michel's rating of the film Yi Yi

  8. Emil Kurjak's rating of the film Yi Yi

  9. Alexander Dunkelberger's rating of the film Yi Yi

    A beautifully layered and affecting work from Taiwanese master Edward Yang.

  10. smndvdcl's rating of the film Yi Yi

    A film that warrants hyperbolic praise - let's start with: borderline transcendent.

  11. Ethan's rating of the film Yi Yi

    This is a true intimate epic that paints a vivid portrait of everyday people and their feelings and regrets. This is also one of the best kid performances in a film, supplying the audience with comic relief that isn't annoying and being a voice of reason in an unreasonable world.

  12. Jason's rating of the film Yi Yi

    There is just this piercing sense that we are encountering the post-global family, the new organic regime, and that we are dealing w/ the key cinematic work of millennial transition. This is just superlative art, but it is born of humility, and the expression is understated. Formally, every move is precise. Yang is master of the frame, wizard of tempo. Yi Yi: a rapturous account of the human phenomenon in the field.

  13. Tim Ellrich's rating of the film Yi Yi

    I want to tell them I am old too.

  14. Gergő Kovács's rating of the film Yi Yi

    It was SO LONG, what the hell. Amazing cinematography, with a constantly recurring theme of reflections, watching through windows, etc.

  15. Peregrine's rating of the film Yi Yi

    A truly all-encompassing movie of life. The slices are everywhere and the pie is bittersweet. We are alone and together. "We got to do something yeah... to save the children". Watch it and breathe.

  16. Aardsy's rating of the film Yi Yi

  17. Kevin Costner's rating of the film Yi Yi

  18. Aaken's rating of the film Yi Yi

    Through the eyes of little Yang Yang who silently observes his family, and discovers the world around him, Edward Yang also depicts a society in mutation, the battle of the sexes, or rather the wide gap between them, and shares with us how a young boy discovers something which will become his passion and his work. Masterpiece.

  19. sigit pre's rating of the film Yi Yi

    Be selective in your battles for sometimes peace is better than being right

  20. fonzie's rating of the film Yi Yi

    as i explore his oeuvre yang is quickly becoming one of my favorite filmmakers. this film is so well composed and one of the most humanistic i've seen.

  21. ranchocarne's rating of the film Yi Yi

    One of my all time favorites, never get tired of watching this. Subtle and powerful family story. The ending is cute but also haunting, makes me shiver every time.

  22. yakimo's rating of the film Yi Yi

    yi yi is one of the first intense encounter i've had with movie, i watched this in 2009, movie back then for me.. was one of the most reachable art forms... and in this case this movie successfully express the deepest part of my soul in such a tangible expression that no other forms could reach..

  23. mlstrx's rating of the film Yi Yi

    in hindsight, i like this less but admire it more, because it felt so real, still feels real, i know these people, i hope theyre okay

  24. vxpl's rating of the film Yi Yi

    So beautiful, so sad, so human-ish. Long movie, worth watching. Loved the parts with the little boy - depicts childhood which can be harsh sometimes but leaves the kid genuine and sincere.

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