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  1. Photo of William Stadiem

    William Stadiem Screenplay

  2. Photo of Franco Zeffirelli

    Franco Zeffirelli Screenplay, Director

  3. Photo of Ennio De Concini

    Ennio De Concini Screenplay

  4. Photo of Tarak Ben Ammar

    Tarak Ben Ammar Producer

  5. Photo of Fulvio Lucisano

    Fulvio Lucisano Producer

  6. Photo of Carlo Lastricati

    Carlo Lastricati Executive Producer

  7. Photo of Mark Lombardo

    Mark Lombardo Executive Producer

  8. Photo of Roman Vlad

    Roman Vlad Music

  9. Photo of Giuseppe Verdi

    Giuseppe Verdi Music

  10. Photo of Daniele Nannuzzi

    Daniele Nannuzzi Cinematography

  11. Photo of Andrea Crisanti

    Andrea Crisanti Production Design

  12. Photo of C. Thomas Howell

    C. Thomas Howell Cast

  13. Photo of Elizabeth Taylor

    Elizabeth Taylor Cast

  14. Photo of Sophie Ward

    Sophie Ward Cast

  15. Photo of Pat Heywood

    Pat Heywood Cast

  16. Photo of Jean-Pierre Cassel

    Jean-Pierre Cassel Cast

  17. Photo of Nicolas Chagrin

    Nicolas Chagrin Cast

  18. Photo of Philippe Noiret

    Philippe Noiret Cast

  19. Photo of John Rhys-Davies

    John Rhys-Davies Cast

  20. Photo of Leon Lissek

    Leon Lissek Cast

  21. Photo of Carlo Bergonzi

    Carlo Bergonzi Cast

  22. Photo of Harriet Thorpe

    Harriet Thorpe Cast

  23. Photo of Eva Griffiths

    Eva Griffiths Cast

  24. Photo of Simon Gregor

    Simon Gregor Cast

  25. Photo of Leonie Mellinger

    Leonie Mellinger Cast

  26. Photo of Gordon Warnecke

    Gordon Warnecke Cast

  27. Photo of Arturo Venegas

    Arturo Venegas Cast

  28. Photo of Jenny Lipman

    Jenny Lipman Cast