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Les frissons de l'angoisse

Profondo rosso

Réalisé par Dario Argento
Italie, 1975
Horreur, Mystère, Thriller


Une conférencière télépathe est sauvagement assassinée. Peu avant sa mort, elle avait ressentie une présence meurtrière très proche. C’est le début d’une série de crimes inexplicables.

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Les frissons de l'angoisse Réalisé par Dario Argento
Each of Deep Red’s compositions reveals new meanings upon each viewing—and so it’s no wonder that yards of essays have been written trying to get to the center of this film.
April 12, 2018
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A breakthrough picture for Argento. His prior films were stylized giallos with enticing titles but they were, to a certain extent, bound by genre convention. That is, they played by the rules. “Deep Red” was louder, nastier, more violent, more irrational than anything he had done before. It threw down a gauntlet that other filmmakers, including extremists such as Lucio Fulci, would be inclined to pick up in ways that redefined sadistic cinema for better or worse.
April 25, 2016
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An exercise in the extension of suspense, DEEP RED is pure alchemy, transmuting spaces into death, camera moves into murder, swathes of color into madness. Argento is at the top of his powers here, brilliantly orchestrating his actors through the frame like dolls in a toy slaughterhouse, making no moral or clinical distinction between the dying and the living, between killing a man and composing a song, between unearthing a secret and slicing a neck.
October 23, 2015
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