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The Reality of a Reflection: An Exploration of Jean-Luc Godard's Filmography

The films of Jean-Luc Godard strive to reflect on the constantly evolving cinema culture that surrounds them.

An Interview with Ildikó Enyedi

The Hungarian director discusses her creative process and the Golden Bear winning "On Body and Soul", her first film in 18 years.

When Whimsy Works

How two films by Hungarian director Ildikó Enyedi—"My 20th Century" and "On Body and Soul"—use playfulness to examine human connection.

Movie Poster of the Week: The American Film Theatre

Poster and program art for a renowned series of filmed plays currently being resurrected on screen.

Jay Rosenblatt at DOK Leipzig: Your Dreams Have Already Been Filmed

Finding the personal, surreal and volatile strength of the films of San Francisco-based found footage filmmaker Jay Rosenblatt.

"There are Miracles": A Conversation with Hong Sang-soo

The director discusses the happy accidents that led him to filmmaking, his avoidance of beautiful images, and the search for grace.

Claude Lanzmann's "The Four Sisters"

Claude Lanzmann has taken interviews not used in "Shoah" to make four frequently jaw-dropping stories of women who survived the Holocaust.

The Other Side of the Booth: A Profile of James B. Harris in Present Day Los Angeles

Jazz music, scrambled eggs, and the pursuit of happiness: a morning spent in the company of Stanley Kubrick's legendary producing partner.

Review: Ruben Östlund's "The Square"

With its formal contract and razor-sharp black humor, Ruben Östlund's follow-up to "Force Majeure" is gripping from frame one.

Su Friedrich Introduces Her Film "I Cannot Tell You How I Feel"

"I was diving into a new and totally bewildering experience, so I decided to bring along my camera."

Movie Poster of the Week: Carl Th. Dreyer’s “The Passion of Joan of Arc”

An exclusive premiere of Janus Films’ new poster for the restored film, and a survey of the poster art that came before it.

Slow Cinema of the Apocalypse: Close-Up on Aleksei German, Jr.'s "Under Electric Clouds"

"Under Electric Clouds" wonders what humanity means, and what it looks like, when progress has stranded us in a desert of our own ambition.