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Berlinale 2018. Steven Soderbergh's iPhone Paranoia

Steven Soderbergh's surprising and expressive experiment shot on an iPhone, "Unsane" is also the director's most unabashedly pulpy film.

Berlinale 2018. Kiyoshi Kurosawa's Second Alien Invasion

In "Foreboding", the Japanese director returns to the same aliens-are-among-us story as his 2017 science fiction film, "Before We Vanish".

Review: Birth of an Era—Raoul Peck's "The Young Karl Marx"

Raoul Peck's biopic is a film about an idea and the fortuitous moment it was born into many hands.

Berlinale 2018. Transmissions from Planet Weimar: Anatomy of an Anatomy of an Anatomy

In the festival's Weimar retrospective, a 1928 film showcases G.W. Pabst's light touch and Bridgette Helm's incredible performance.

Expecting the Unexpected: Four by Luis Buñuel

The late masterpieces by the infamous surrealist revel in disrupting and subverting expectations.

Berlinale 2018. It's Dark Here

Two of the bleakest films at the festival, "An Elephant Sitting Still" and Lav Diaz's "Season of the Devil", are also the most powerful.

Reversing the Rules – A Brief Reflection on Lav Diaz and His Latest Film

Film by film, Lav Diaz has carried out a process of erosion of established rules.

Singing an Epic of Peace: Close-Up on "Wings of Desire"

Wenders's masterpiece extends far beyond the city and time it was set in. Thirty years after its premiere, it feels more timely than ever.

Berlinale 2018. Transmission from Planet Weimar: Pull Up a Chair

Finding sedentary pleasures in two ethnographic documentaries in the Weimar-themed retrospective at the Berlin Film Festival.

Roberto Doveris Introduces His Film "Plants"

"This is a field which I was very interested in, portraying how teenagers explore sex from its boundaries, slowly, amorally, dangerously."

Berlinale 2018. How to Read Tennis and Old Books

Festival highlights include a documentary on tennis's beauty and John McEnroe's star persona, and Ted Fendt's scholarly "Classical Period".

"The X-Files," Season 11, Episode 6 Recap: We’re Already Dead, Just Not Yet In The Ground

At what point does the fight for truth become an idle struggle?