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Fantastic Mr. Fox

Réalisé par Wes Anderson
États-Unis, 2009


M. Fox, le plus rusé des voleurs de poules, sa femme, Mme Fox, Ash, son fils, le cousin Kristofferson et tous les autres animaux de la forêt défient trois odieux fermiers. Ils vont vivre la plus périlleuse et délirante des aventures.

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Fantastic Mr. Fox Réalisé par Wes Anderson
Fantastic Mr. Fox isn’t a “children’s film” with the quotes to signify that it’s a money project for slumming major talents. It’s a full-blooded Wes Anderson film like any other, and one of his very best… Fantastic Mr. Fox contains Anderson’s customary impeccable framing as well as his heartbreaking acknowledgement of the private dreams that must die for the sake of that mini-democracy known as family…
February 08, 2014
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…Anderson and Noah Baumbach’s tight-as-a-drum screenplay is perfectly constructed screwball, and its makers’ idiosyncrasies and concerns (fathers and sons, familial resentments, charming man-boys—the Fox family seems like a furry version of the Tenenbaums at times) are carefully built in rather than glommed all over the narrative like molasses.
April 01, 2010
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Jonze’s film [Where the Wild Things Are] is a slog, pitched directly at sadness, every turn a battle against or a flight from pain, while Wes Anderson’s Fantastic Mr. Fox props up like a pop-up with one sight after another designed to delight. Fox is, in every frame, a geometric marvel of right angles and scrolling panels, each composition jam-packed with information and tightened off by the control Anderson exerts over every millimeter of screen space.
March 24, 2010
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