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Réalisé par Ismaïl Bahri
France, Tunisie, 2016
Court métrage, Avant-garde


Ce travail se situe dans le prolongement d’expérimentations qui convoquent le plus souvent la photographie et la vidéo pour interroger l’impermanence du réel qui nous entoure.

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Foyer Réalisé par Ismaïl Bahri
The film contains such antagonisms without being overtly political, alighting on post-colonial identity, art and the state of Tunisian society while conjuring its most profound moment through the suggestive power of sound: that of a body joyfully plunging water, an inference of a more elemental freedom or perhaps just a respite from the heat.
June 22, 2017
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An ingenious, mesmerizing digital work shot in Tunisia in which a simple piece of paper fluttering in front of the camera becomes a screen onto which assorted passers-by project their thoughts, including those of some police who suspiciously wonder what Mr. Bahri is up to.
October 06, 2016
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Bahri’s technique, in fact, plays on the very notion of cultural images, which are relegated here to the imagination… Though its aesthetic is spare, Foyer is as rich a conjuring of off-screen space and the tenors of the human voice that fill it as any movie I’ve seen in years. And in embracing the most elemental of cinematic figures, it obviates the features that separate peoples and cultures, just as it dissolves distinctions between film and digital.
October 03, 2016
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