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Les dents de la mer


Réalisé par Steven Spielberg
États-Unis, 1975


Une jeune fille est retrouvée morte, atrocement déchiquetée par un grand requin blanc de plus de trois tonnes. C’est la panique à Amity Island.

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Les dents de la mer Réalisé par Steven Spielberg

Prix & Festivals

Academy Awards

1976 | 3 prix remportés dont : Best Film Editing

1976 | Nominé : Best Picture

National Film Preservation Board

2001 | Lauréat : National Film Registry

The visual ellipsis created far greater menace and terror, as the shark is nowhere and everywhere. The cutting (Verna Fields was the terrific editor) and Spielberg’s use of reverse zoom create a jittery atmosphere, underscored (in both senses) by John Williams’s thrumming bass, eerily vibrating through the waters, its four-note motif the pulsating heart of the film.
January 03, 2017
The camera moves in while the lens simultaneously zooms out, which creates an unsettling effect of vertigo. Brody, perched in his beach chair, appears to stay in the same spot in the frame, while it appears that the environment around him is shifting. In Jaws, this is a purely psychologically based effect, meant to represent the altered state of the character on screen.
May 13, 2013
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The shark in Jaws is the shark of our collective worst nightmares, almost otherworldly in its enormity and texture. It’s also a great big phallic joke, the agent of the blowhard Quint’s destruction. The shark can mean anything you want it to mean, or nothing, and that uncertainty epitomizes this movie’s lasting appeal. Jaws is the pop masterpiece as happy accident; a parody of America’s can-do spirit that’s also, by the end, a celebration of it.
August 15, 2012
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