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Réalisé par Louise Carrin
Suisse, 2015
Court métrage, Documentaire


Lisa, gérante du luxueux bordel “Le Vénusia” à Genève, et Lena, une prostituée sans but aussi fainéante qu’imprévisible, sont filmées dans l’intimité d’une salle fumeurs, oú leur relation va se combiner en tendresse et cruauté.

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Venusia Réalisé par Louise Carrin

Avis des critiques

The prostitute Lena defies stereotypes, social hierarchy, and a client-centered work ethic, and the two women seem to perform themselves for themselves, each other and us with gusto while simultaneously navigating their complex economic and affective relationships. Even if work here is not ideal and business is declining, at least in this room, the women creatively negotiate their self-presentations.
December 06, 2016
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The Grand Prize was awarded to Venusia, a riveting portrait of two sex workers chatting in the break room. Though set in a brothel, their conversation, which unfolds over an unspecified period of time, deals far less with sex than the tedium of their work. Their concerns are exceedingly ordinary, though no less fascinating owing to the psychodynamics that unfold between a boss who wishes to both nurture and control her most trusted protégé.
June 07, 2016
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Most of this starts out in comedic territory, contrasting the taboo nature of their work with a cheerfully mundane patter… As money troubles pile up, the arc of the film moves towards a recession-era tragedy, with Madame Lisa’s place on the totem pole in jeopardy. It’s a credit to Venusia that this downbeat turn comes without patronizing, just as the comedy came without condescension. The women are survivors, like anyone else. Even without any tight close-ups, they fill up the frame.
May 06, 2016
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  • EdieMaas's rating of the film Venusia

    As situations-turned-concepts go, staff smoking room of a small brothel's a pretty great one; it'd make a mean short story. As a film, though, Venusia coasted on its characters - Lisa's facial expressions, Lena's staggering laziness - and I'm not sure any of Carrin's artistic choices at all enhanced the conceptual brilliance preexistent in her idea to film it. Like something by Shirley Clarke, but w/out the artistry.

  • Loz Loory's rating of the film Venusia

    3.5 Lovely to watch and listen to this excellent, quirky, quiet slice of backstage life. Chantal Akerman would approve. The logistics of managing a brothel are similar to any small business: finding employees who are conscientious and punctual; dealing with bills and taxes; making marketing decisions; anticipating seasonal fluctuations in cash flow. You can't expect your employees to love you, only to respect you.

  • Michael H. CLAES's rating of the film Venusia

    Elles se prennent moins au sérieux que l'endroit ne le laisse à craindre : Quant au film, les coupures au noir sont agaçantes et rompent la continuité. === The place is dodgy but the 2 girls do not take seriously: As for the film cuts to black are annoying and break the continuity.

  • anarresti's rating of the film Venusia

    An interesting experiment on how to bore Mubi viewers. Someone should just put the word "documentary" on the synopsis. And save future reviewers from the tedious job of confirming just how bad prostitutes and madames are playing the roles of... prostitutes and madades. Reality is so lame.

  • saitosouta's rating of the film Venusia

    I'm always gratified to see a movie about authentic & abundant relationship between two women, especially beyond generation. Lazily easygoing prostitute & practical brothel madam talk about whether you believes fortune-teller or not, what do you wanna do at sea, aftermath of economic recession etc. Since being very minimal style with fixed & long-take, "Venusia" captures their joy, anxiety & sadness delicately. GREAT

  • mpho3's rating of the film Venusia

    A world unto their own, one like a loyal stray cat who daren't wander to far and the other focused only on the next meal. 3.5

  • msmichel's rating of the film Venusia

    'Red high heels is the way I feels And I teeter off cross the parking lot I could steal your heart But I don't know who I could make you mine Such a tall street light'

  • dAlton Anthony's rating of the film Venusia

    After all, it really does come down to this doesn't it? The mundane grind of existence. When told in such stark terms, we are all whores are we not? Anyway, this is surely the most interesting space of a brothel and I'd rather have a chat about life with these two women than have their bodies for an hour at any price...with all due respect to the beauty of their legs and thighs.

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