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Et là-bas, quelle heure est-il?

Ni na bian ji dian

Réalisé par Tsai Ming-liang
Taïwan, France, 2001
Drame, Romantique


Hsiao-Kang est vendeur de montres dans les rues de Taipei. Quelques jours après le décès de son père, il rencontre une jeune femme, Shiang-Chyi, qui part le lendemain pour Paris.

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Et là-bas, quelle heure est-il? Réalisé par Tsai Ming-liang
Where Denis’s cinema is tactile, cutaneous, and given to the exploration of bodies, Tsai’s is very much concerned with the absence of touch, the space between bodies—perhaps most poignantly expressed in his What Time is it There? (2002), a film of longing across national boundaries and time zones, as well as clockwork-precision sight gags.
April 08, 2015
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…Over time, in the company of only oneself, moments of contact swell with meaning, memories carrying into the future a deepened feeling for what’s past. Rather than receding, the hunger to recall what’s passed imbues meaning in everything, animating the inanimate, impregnating empty space, and bending time.
December 10, 2004
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This ending is curiously satisfying, and it certainly encourages the viewer to look back over the film with changed eyes. But it doesn’t entirely mitigate the sense that Tsai may be ploughing the same furrow once too often… The performances, visual style, pacing and structure here are all very much like The River and The Hole. So similar, in fact, that it becomes slightly too easy to enumerate the characteristics of a Tsai Ming-Liang movie.
June 14, 2002
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