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First Look

Bird Talk

Xawery Żuławski Pologne, 2019

Closing our series of highlights from First Look is this urgent and exhilarating political parable, penned by the director’s late father, filmmaker Andrzej Żuławski. An unhinged and reverential tribute to one of cinema’s greatest legends, the film is also a trenchant look at Poland today.

Programmes spéciaux


Fritz Lang Allemagne, 1927

Weimar Germany

Easily one of the most iconic films ever made, Fritz Lang’s classic future shock is still thrilling. A propulsive epic and mind-blowing visual symphony, Lang’s deeply influential vision is both the foundation of sci-fi cinema and a time-honored gateway to the expressive wonders of silent film.

Plus d'infos

Le cygne de cristal

Darya Zhuk Biélorussie, 2018


Loin d’être un retour nostalgique vers les années 1990, l’exubérant premier film de la Biélorusse Darya Zhuk est d’abord et avant tout le portrait empreint d’humour ironique, de sincérité et de compassion d’une jeune femme souhaitant changer sa vie, incarnée à la perfection par Alina Nasibullina.

Last Letter

Shunji Iwai Chine, 2018

Japanese director Shunji Iwai (All About Lily Chou-Chou) heads to China to cast a spell of romance and time in this charming, generation-hopping story of love letters, separation, and loss. Wonderful with actors old and young, Iwai spins a deliriously convoluted story juggling melodrama and comedy.

Take Me Somewhere Nice

Ena Sendijarević Pays-Bas, 2019


Comme dans chaque grande histoire, les personnages du premier film d’Ena Sendijarević ne seront plus jamais les mêmes au terme de cette aventure, un road movie original à la mélancolie couleur pastel saupoudré d’humour balkanique et de découverte de soi adolescente.

Cassandro, the Exotico!

Marie Losier France, 2018


Portraiture is central to French-born, New York-based artist Marie Losier’s work. In Cassandro, Losier captures body and soul of the queer luchador with unmitigated warmth and empathy, gorgeously echoing the flamboyance and resilience of her subject with the beguiling physicality of her 16mm images.

Les espions

Fritz Lang Allemagne, 1928

Talk about an opening sequence! A fan favorite and the most underrated of Fritz Lang’s Weimar “superfilms,” Spies is a caper for the ages. Predating the adventures of Bond and Tintin, Lang invents the modern spy film: crackling with twists, disguises, gadgetry, narrow escapes, and forbidden love.

Searching Eva

Pia Hellenthal Allemagne, 2019

First Look

Next up in our series of highlights from First Look is Pia Hellenthal’s audacious character study. An unforgettable 21st-century portrait, the film focuses on the elusive Eva, constantly constructing and fully exposing themself on camera and the Internet while, simultaneously, resisting definition.

La vie est un miracle

Emir Kusturica Serbie, 2004

Double Bill: Emir

Probably breaking all of the safety rules that ever existed, Emir Kusturica’s Life Is a Miracle is a zany and surrealist vignette of Yugoslavia on the brink of the Bosnian War. A cacophonous, swirling and drunken celebration, with tinges of tragedy and criticism surrounding the conflict.


Emir Kusturica Yougoslavie, 1995

Opening our double bill of historical fiction from auteur Emir Kusturica is this Palme d’Or winner from 1995. An expansive masterpiece, the film is an exhilarating and absurdist satire, earning its reputation as one of the most controversial yet vital political tales in cinema.

L'homme au bras d'or

Otto Preminger États-Unis, 1955

Besides making masterpiece after masterpiece, in the 1950s Austrian emigre auteur Otto Preminger was known for pushing the envelope of American censorship. Try this one on for size: Frank Sinatra as a drug addict! Impeccably fluid filmmaking, a legendary performance, and an unforgettable score.

Nosferatu le vampire

F.W. Murnau Allemagne, 1922

You don’t need sound to be terrified. Off-brand at the time (thus, Nosferatu and not Dracula), F.W. Murnau’s Expressionist masterpiece is now iconic horror. Its spare medieval atmosphere and Max Schreck’s iconic, otherworldly vampire seems to get increasingly eerie and disturbing as the film ages.

Love in the Buff

Pang Ho-Cheung Hong Kong, 2012

Fueled by its easygoing lead actors, director Pang Ho-Cheung strikes the perfect balance between humor and melodrama in this charming love story. Depicting a glossy Beijing rife with young professional singles, the film is also a universal look at modern dating in all of its virtues and faults.


Anna Eborn Suède, 2019

First Look

Continuing our series of highlights from First Look is this candid look at the unfettered virtues of youth. Shot on handheld 16mm and rendered through the generous participation of its subjects, the film tracks the end of adolescence through its intimate lens and gorgeous soundtrack.

Le carnaval des âmes

Herk Harvey États-Unis, 1962

An influence on David Lynch, George A. Romero, and Lucrecia Martel (!) this lone feature film from Herk Harvey is a bona fide cult classic of both independent filmmaking and psychological horror. An atmospheric and unsettling, haunting ghost story, innovatively shot—on a shoestring budget.

The Fall

Jonathan Glazer Royaume-Uni, 2019

Brèves rencontres

Dans son dernier film des plus dérangeant, Jonathan Glazer reprend la chasse à l’homme d’_Under the Skin_ pour en extraire une infernale allégorie sur la violence sociale.

Neon Bull

Gabriel Mascaro Brésil, 2015

Neon Bull captures the world of Brazil’s vaquejada rodeo tradition through a sensual, intimate, and realist style—finding grace in the mundane, unearthing tenderness within the bestial. The human is never far from the animal in this meditative, scintillating slice-of-life portrait of a community.

Le gai savoir

Jean-Luc Godard France, 1969

Between 1960 and 1969, Godard made 17(!) features in a great burst of radical creativity. Le gai savoir, his final film of the 60s, is a work of pared-down invention and subversive pop montage, in which two beguiling icons of the New Wave (Jean-Pierre Léaud and Juliet Berto) take center stage.

From Caligari to Hitler: German Cinema in the Age of the Masses

Rüdiger Suchsland Allemagne, 2014

The cornerstone of our series on cinema from Weimar Germany is Rüdiger Suchsland’s sweeping documentary. Visualizing Siegfried Kracauer’s influential book from 1947, the film uses beautiful restorations of films by Lang, Murnau, and others to contextualize the period and showcase its masterpieces.

L'étoile du Nord

Lewis Milestone États-Unis, 1943

A pro-Soviet Goldwyn production, Lewis Milestone’s Oscar-nominated invasion drama is truly one-of-a-kind: a song-filled war film set in a besieged Ukrainian farming village inhabited by Anne Baxter, Dana Andrews, and Walter Huston. With cinematography by James Wong Howe and music by Aaron Copeland!


Jean-Marie Straub Allemagne, 1992


Nous reprenons notre vaste rétrospective consacrée aux films de Straub et Huillet avec une toute nouvelle version restaurée de l’un de leurs drames les plus accessibles et les plus mordants : Antigone, ou l’histoire d’une femme qui se dresse farouchement contre le patriarcat.


Michaël Andrianaly Madagascar, 2019

First Look

We’re partnering with the Museum of the Moving Image to offer highlights from First Look, starting with an intimate portrait of a barber in Madagascar offering patrons an empathetic ear. The film lends its subject similar warmth, gradually revealing personal challenges and issues facing the nation.

Le dernier des hommes

F.W. Murnau Allemagne, 1924

We begin a new series devoted to masterpieces of the short-lived Weimar Republic with a dazzling and groundbreaking drama of modern city life. Emil Jannings delivers one of cinema’s most indelible of performances, and F.W. Murnau (Sunrise, Faust) gives the story its full range of tragedy and beauty.

Une grande fille

Kantemir Balagov Russie, 2019

MUBI Spotlight

After the shockingly powerful Closeness, we couldn’t wait for Russian wunderkind Kantemir Balagov’s second film. Beanpole grabbed us by the throat: an entrancing immersion into post-war turmoil and a towering ode to female resilience—with tour-de-force performances and a jaw-dropping use of color.

La chinoise

Jean-Luc Godard France, 1967

It’s time for a revolution! Inaugurating New Wave icon Jean-Luc Godard’s overtly political cinema, La chinoise is both prelude and prophecy of May ’68. A molotov cocktail of raw Maoism, pop colors, savage satire, and the romantic timelessness of Anne Wiazemsky and Jean-Pierre Léaud.

Une jeunesse russe

Alexander Zolotukhin Russie, 2019


Comme nous avons déjà pu le voir avec Kantemir Balagov, le maître Alexandre Sokourov encadre désormais une nouvelle génération de cinéastes russes au talent certain. Zolotukhin est de ceux-là, avec pour preuve ce premier film remarquable, à la fois d’un autre temps et précurseur.

Dead Souls (Part 3)

Wang Bing France, 2018

La conclusion personnelle et souvent déchirante de ce triomphe monumental en trois parties. Les Âmes mortes et son « cinéma-témoignage » consacre le documentariste Wang Bing (Le fossé) comme l’un des cinéastes les plus importants, voire essentiels, de notre époque.

Dead Souls (Part 2)

Wang Bing France, 2018

Ce documentaire monumental et pourtant si intime est un tour de force cinématographique qui fera date. L’œuvre éprouvante de Wang Bing, souvent comparée à Shoah de Claude Lanzmann, est une véritable exhumation du passé qu’il faut voir impérativement au moins une fois.

Dead Souls (Part 1)

Wang Bing France, 2018

Tourné sur une période de dix ans et séparé en trois parties, Les Âmes mortes de Wang Bing se penche sur l’un des chapitres les plus passés sous silence de l’histoire de Chine. Une méditation percutante et immersive sur la mémoire, le comportement humain et le courage de ne pas se taire.

L'Emprise du crime

Lewis Milestone États-Unis, 1946

Russian-born, two-time Oscar-winning director Lewis Milestone is best known for his 1930 version of All Quiet on the Western Front, but we prefer this delicious noir, nominated for Best Original Story in 1947 and starring the indomitable Barbara Stanwyck and Kirk Douglas.