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China Across Time: A Jia Zhangke Double Bill

Programmes spéciaux

The most acclaimed of China’s Sixth Generation of directors, Jia Zhangke’s body of work resonates so vividly with audiences around the world due in no small part to his remarkable ability to provide a snapshot of the tensions facing his nation as it has dramatically evolved into the current era. A number of his films directly explore the nature of social, cultural, and economic shifts and the repercussions—both human and environmental—that have resulted from China’s seismic national growth. This double feature is devoted to two different but equally clever explorations by Jia of dramatic changes to his homeland, as well as to his own home province of Shanxi. The wry short film The Hedonists brilliantly collapses historical China with the country of today, when its characters’ job search lands them at a restored medieval city in Fenyang. The grand melodrama of Mountains May Depart charts its heroine’s journey through several decades, each reflecting (and, in the future segment, projecting) the pressures and desires of the time.

The Hedonists

Jia Zhangke Chine, 2016

Ce court métrage hybride et excentrique de Jia Zhangke se déroule dans sa ville natale de Fenyang. Ses acteurs fétiches jouent des versions frictionnelles d’eux-mêmes. Une recherche d’emploi frénétique amène cette réflexion comique de la relation étrange en Chine entre traditions et capitalisme.

Au-delà des montagnes

Jia Zhangke Chine, 2015

This week we’re presenting a double bill devoted to the history-spanning films of Sixth Generation auteur Jia Zhangke. Mountains May Depart’s story, set in the past, present, and future, makes for a rivetingly modern Chinese melodrama, guided by the star-like presence of actress Zhao Tao.

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