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  1. pirri's rating of the film Alì Blue Eyes

  2. msmichel's rating of the film Alì Blue Eyes

    FNC '13 Somewhat overlong and self important work from Claudio Giovannesi that attempts a modern take on neo-realism but comes up short. Young Nader Sarhan holds the screen as the conflicted Italian/Muslim trying to come to terms with who he may be but the film is hurt by the generic understory of a group of Romanians looking for revenge and the non Muslim best friend with designs on his sister. 94m felt much longer.

  3. Enrico Gaudenzi's rating of the film Alì Blue Eyes

    Camera a mano nella Roma multiculturale d'oggi. Un giovane arabo prova ad occidentalizzarsi ma certe idee preferirebbe non cambiarle. Riesce e distinguere bene certe sensazioni fisiche (la fame, il freddo) provate dai protagonisti. Un film sull'integrazione non buonista e con poca voglia di conciliare. Interessante

  4. not reconciled's rating of the film Alì Blue Eyes

    giovannesi tries really hard to be the third dardenne brother, but he seems more like their retarded cousin.