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A Tale of the Wind

Une histoire de vent

Disutradarai oleh Joris Ivens
Belanda, Inggris, 1988


A film crew headed by a veteran director (Joris Ivens) travels to China’s Gobi desert in this symbolic documentary-styled fantasy. While the crew waits for the wind to kick up, weather reports tell of tidal waves every place but China.

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A Tale of the Wind Disutradarai oleh Joris Ivens

Ulasan Kritikus

Both poetic essay and meditative fiction, A Tale of the Wind has certain affinities with movies as different as Jean Cocteau’s The Testament of Orpheus, Chris Marker’s Sans soleil, and Souleymane Cisse’s Brightness, but it is too proud to owe its vision to any source beyond Ivens’s own far-reaching experience and research. Part of the film’s inspired thesis appears to be that cinema and history, fantasy and documentary, have a lot to teach each other.
May 29, 1992
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