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1.891 Rating

I Stand Alone

Seul contre tous

Disutradarai oleh Gaspar Noé
Prancis, 1998
Drama, Sejarah, LGBT+


The debut feature from Gaspar Noé, I Stand Alone, is set in 1980 and tells the story of The Butcher (Philippe Nahon), a retired horsemeat peddler locked into a loveless marriage with his nagging, pregnant wife and a hateful mother-in-law.

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I Stand Alone Disutradarai oleh Gaspar Noé

Ulasan Kritikus

I Stand Alone is a movie that removes your head, fucks with it for a while, and then hands it back to you. I wonder what the late Samuel Fuller — perhaps the filmmaker most interested in hatred and how it functions — would have made of it.
July 09, 1999
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