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3.184 Rating

Mad Max

Disutradarai oleh George Miller
Australia, 1979
Laga, Fiksi Ilmiah, Cult


Set in a dystopian near future, a policeman by the name of Max looks to avenge the deaths of his wife and child by pursuing the notoriously violent biker gang that killed his family.

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Mad Max Disutradarai oleh George Miller

Penghargaan & Festival

AACTA International Awards

1979 | 3 Pemenang: Best Achievement in Editing

1979 | 4 nominasi: Best Film

The innovations of Mad Max have been so thoroughly ripped off that it’s easy to insufficiently appreciate the freshness of its grim, primitive futurism. Not the first post-apocalyptic movie, George Miller’s debut nonetheless stands out for the plausibility of its bleak vision.
May 27, 2015
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A future of endless horizontal sprawls and hopped-up gearheads is the perfect fit for the keen novice director, his camera hurtles from one asphalt jockey to another to capture the slapstick of crisscrossing vehicles.
May 18, 2015
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Just as in Violence in the Cinema Part 1, Miller sculpts a dystopian vision of the space between body and machine where both are ceaselessly meshed together, the space only ruptured when the machine turns the body into its hapless prey.
November 28, 2014
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