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Run with the Devil

Via Margutta

Disutradarai oleh Mario Camerini
Italia, Prancis, 1960
Komedi, Drama


Drama by director Mario Camerini about life in the Via Margutta, an artists’ sector in Rome, the Italian equivalent of Montmartre in Paris. Stefano is a talented painter, devoted to his art but not necessarily that adroit or interested in promoting himself.

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Run with the Devil Disutradarai oleh Mario Camerini

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  • dionysus67's rating of the film Run with the Devil

    Another hidden gem from a huge Italian pool of great films. Camerini depicts sympathetically the bohemian community of artists in Via Margutta, their hopes, desires, disappointments, betrayals and resilience. The young cast is effectively led by an expressive G.Blain and the girls glow with vitality and flimsy flirtatiousness. The art world's less attractive features do not detract from the overall vision. Very good!

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