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The Song of the Styrene

Le chant du Styrène

Disutradarai oleh Alain Resnais
Prancis, 1959


Le chant du Styrène is a 1959, 19 minutes French documentary film directed by Alain Resnais. The film was an order by French industrial group Pechiney to highlight the merits of plastics.

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The Song of the Styrene Disutradarai oleh Alain Resnais

Ulasan Kritikus

On the CinemaScope screen of the Olympia at Tours, [it] seemed to me an Olympian film, of matchess gravity. . . . A film like this discourages interpretation. It makes a formidable impression (in the Latin sense of the word). Its slowness is merely apparent, like the helix turning at a thousand revolutions a minute. Each shot of Le Chant du Styrène, Alain Resnais’s fantastic farewell to the short film, has the cadence of a Bossuet sentence. To speak ill of it is a crime of lese-majesty.
December 10, 1958

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