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The Stanford Prison Experiment

Disutradarai oleh Kyle Patrick Alvarez
Amerika Serikat, 2015
Drama, Thriller


This film is based on the actual events that took place in 1971 when Stanford professor Dr. Philip Zimbardo created what became one of the most shocking and famous social experiments of all time.

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The Stanford Prison Experiment Disutradarai oleh Kyle Patrick Alvarez

Penghargaan & Festival

Sundance Film Festival

2015 | 2 Pemenang: Alfred P. Sloan Feature Film Prize

Edinburgh International Film Festival

2015 | 1 special mention termasuk: Best International Feature Film

While the experiment itself left much to rake over, Alvarez’s film has less going for it. There’s something inherently counterproductive about the idea of fictionalising something like this, the process itself serving to both dilute the results and to impose another layer of artifice to the already delicate framework.
June 10, 2016
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They’re playing characters quickly becoming subsumed into a system, losing the things that make them who they are. But as actors – as faces and presences that have to keep us engaged for two hours – they must seize on enough to retain and express their individuality. Otherwise, we’re just watching sadism run amok. The cast is up to the challenge: They eke out some humanity from this most inhuman of stories.
July 18, 2015
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Alvarez captures this collapse of basic orientation with a frightening sense of confidence. One of the great difficulties of mounting drama is portraying a rapid devolution of sanity, as one can often sense the narrative obligations carrying the characters along toward their prescribed fates. Alvarez achieves something that’s reminiscent of Lord of the Flies: His formalism fashions effective textural shortcuts to behavioral understanding that his remarkable cast fills in with chilling finesse.
July 13, 2015
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