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Miu Miu’s Women’s Tales

Miu Miu’s Women’s Tales

Since 2011, Women’s Tales is an ongoing series of short films commissioned by Miu Miu, the Italian high-fashion brand. With a brief to look both critically and lovingly at femininity in the 21st century, these short films embrace the many complexities and contradictions that make up women’s experiences today. Directed by some of the most renowned female filmmakers, such as Mati Diop, Lucrecia Martel, Haifaa Al-Mansour, Agnès Varda, Ava DuVernay, Naomi Kawase and Lynne Ramsay, Women’s Tales explores the multitude of ways, both enriching and contradictory, that clothes can impact on our everyday life.


Mati Diop France, 2020

Shot in her Paris studio during lockdown and based on recordings of her grandmother, director Mati Diop has ingeniously created a melodramatic home movie that playfully blends themes of womanhood, transmission, and freedom.

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Miranda July United States, 2014

Have you ever found it impossible to say something, face to face, to someone you know, someone you love? The words just won’t come out? Somebody takes our endless hunger for communication, technology, avatars and outsourcing, and blends it into what seems to be a surreal near future, but it’s not.


Lucrecia Martel Italy, 2011

Onboard a ship anchored in a tropical sea, an elegant crew of exquisitely attired female creatures emerge insect-like from portals, their faces obscured from view. Beneath their tortoiseshell shades, a new private language is revealed, a morse-code of clicks and vibrations.


Agnès Varda France, 2015

After receiving a magical magenta ball dress ten times her size, 14-year-old Jasmine—headstrong, a dreamer, a realist—takes us on a modern anti-fairy tale through caves and stalagmites, streets and shop windows, obsessions and everyday empowerment.


Haifaa Al-Mansour United States, 2018

It’s nighttime in 1980s Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Glittery and glamorous heels climb out of cars. Women shrouded in traditional black abayas make their way into a wedding hall. There, they reveal what’s underneath: dazzling dresses and wild hair. Their true selves set free, unseen by male gaze.


Małgorzata Szumowska Italy, 2020

Warsaw at night, two very different homes. In one, a father is stretched on a sofa, expecting his son to be everything he is. In another apartment, a mother sits to have dinner with her daughter, who isn’t like her at all. Simultaneously, the boy and the girl embark on a journey of transformation.


Ava DuVernay United States, 2013

The symbolic centre of The Door is the front entrance of the protagonist’s home. As she opens it to greet friends, she is shrouded in an oblique sadness. Clothing is also a symbol of renewal, each change of costume charting our heroine’s emergence from a chrysalis of sadness.


Crystal Moselle United States, 2016

Rachelle, a 17-year-old girl living outside of New York City, rides her skateboard through a journey of self-discovery. Intimidated by casual, macho sexism, Rachelle stumbles across a gang of charismatic, fearless skater girls who show her another world is out there.