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20 Actors Between 20-25 to Watch until They’re 30

By: Amy

updated photos on Sept 2010

I made this list for my blog based factors like projects/future projects/recognition/talent/popularity. The main thing was to try and stay as neutral as I could, which was difficult.

Moreover, I’m pretty sure my list of Actresses is much better than my list of Actors, mainly because I don’t really feel like the newer generation of guys are bring it. So please, feel free to discuss this and add names.

Obviously, it’s impossible to add names on these lists… and some films are not in… and some not even films. LOL


1. Paul Dano (25)
[Jun 19, 1984] (write up)

2. Kenichi Matsuyama (24)
[Mar 5, 1985] (write up)

3. Michael Angarano (22)
[Dec 3, 1987] (write up)

4. Josh Peck (23)
[Nov 10, 1986] (write up)

5. Daniel Radcliffe (20)
[Jul 23, 1989] (write up)

6. Emile Hirsch (24)
[Mar 13, 1985] (write up)

7. Shia LaBeouf (23)
[Jun 11, 1986] (write up)

8. Jamie Bell (23)
[Mar 14, 1986] (write up)

9. Hayato Ichihara (22)
[Feb 6, 1987] (write up)

10. Anton Yelchin (20)
[Mar 11, 1989] (write up)


1. Ellen Page (22)
[Feb 21, 1987] (write up)

2. Yu Aoi (24)
[Aug 17, 1985] (write up)

3. Juri Ueno (23)
[May 25, 1986] (write up)

4. Evan Rachel Wood (22)
[Sept 7, 1987] (write up)

5. Carey Mulligan (24)
[May 28, 1985] (write up)

6. Aoi Miyazaki (24)
[Nov 30, 1985] (write up)

7. Amanda Seyfried (24)
[Dec 3, 1985] (write up)

8. Olivia Thirlby (23)
[Oct 6, 1986] (write up)

9. Inés Efron (24)
[Someday in 1985] (write up)

10. Sandrine Pinna (Chang Yung Yung) (22)
[Apr 10, 1987] (write up)



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Picture of pikapii



definitely agree on Kenichi Matsuyama, Ueno Juri, Emile Hirsch, and Ellen Page! <33

Picture of Acerk21



Thank god you feel the same way, LOL...I loathe Shia LaDouche! Every film he stars in has been absolute crap!...transformers, indiana jones just to name a few. His acting abilities are very limited and he always plays the same character! Plus he's so cocky and arrogant in real life...I can't stand the guy and have no idea why hollywood uses him so much!

Picture of Amy



Acerk! I hate Shia! LOL, but he seems to be everyone's go-to boy, so I HAD to add him. I'm excited about Matsuyama's Haruki Murakami Norwegian Wood film. If only Yu were more known outside teh J-tertainment community, I would have totally put her on the #1 spot. Because, you know... we're biased.

Picture of Acerk21



I agree with everything except for Shia LaBeouf being on the list and of course I think Yu should be number 1 for the girls.