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2007, Ranked

By: Caden Cotard

There Will Be Blood: A+
The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford: A
No Country For Old Men: A
I’m Not There: A
Into The Wild: A
Once: A
Juno: A
Zodiac: A
Charlie Wilson’s War: A
Knocked Up: A
The Bourne Ultimatum: A
Sweeney Todd: A-
Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead: A-
Across The Universe: A-
Michael Clayton: A-
Ratatouille: A-
The Darjeeling Limited: A-
An American Crime: A-
Atonement: A-
Cassandra’s Dream: A-
The Band’s Visit: A-
Planet Terror: A-
Ocean’s 13: A-
The Mist: A-
Dan In Real Life: A-
Superbad: A-
Breach: A-
Gone Baby Gone: B+
Elizabeth: The Golden Age: B+
Hot Fuzz: B+
28 Weeks Later: B+
Death Proof: B+
Shoot ‘Em Up: B+
The Kingdom: B+
Diary of the Dead: B+
Death At A Funeral: B+
1408: B+
Year of the Dog: B
Walk Hard: B
I Am Legend: B
The Hunting Party: B
Fracture: B
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix: B
Hot Rod: B
American Gangster: B-
Beowulf: B-
Bee Movie: B-
3:10 To Yuma: C+
Charlie Bartlett: C+
Rush Hour 3: C+
The Lookout: C-
Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End: C-



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