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302 films Unlisted:- Apaches (1977) Jafar (Tzafar) (2011) Porcelain Unicorn (2010) Russell Howard: Wonderbox (2014) In The Darkness of Time (2002) Extract from Ten Minutes Older: The Cello (2002) An Owl is an Owl is an Owl (1990) Zoo Piece (1990) The Dook who stole Christmas (2014) Doctor Who: The Day of the Doctor (2013) Donald Glover: Weirdo (2011) Boy (2014) Full TV Shows I have seen:- Red Dwarf Game of Thrones The Sopranos The IT Crowd Father Ted Breaking Bad Better Call Saul Daredevil The Walking Dead Sherlock True Detective Season 1 Spaced The Inbetweeners Uk LOST Rewatches:- King Of New York Die Hard The Land Before Time Predator… Read more

302 films

Unlisted:- Apaches (1977)
Jafar (Tzafar) (2011)
Porcelain Unicorn (2010)
Russell Howard: Wonderbox (2014)
In The Darkness of Time (2002) Extract from Ten Minutes Older: The Cello (2002)
An Owl is an Owl is an Owl (1990)
Zoo Piece (1990)
The Dook who stole Christmas (2014)
Doctor Who: The Day of the Doctor (2013)
Donald Glover: Weirdo (2011)
Boy (2014)

Full TV Shows I have seen:- Red Dwarf
Game of Thrones
The Sopranos
The IT Crowd
Father Ted
Breaking Bad
Better Call Saul
The Walking Dead
True Detective Season 1
The Inbetweeners Uk

King Of New York
Die Hard
The Land Before Time
The Thing
Hot Fuzz
Touch of Evil
The Avengers
Dimensions of Dialogue
Star Wars: Episode 4 – A New Hope
Star Wars: Episode 5 – Empire Strikes Back
Aguirre: Wrath of God
The Marriage of Maria Braun
Singin’ in the Rain
Sans Soleil
It’s a Wonderful Life
Duck Amuck
Rabbit Rampage
Star Wars: Episode 6 – Return of the Jedi

1st January:- King of New York (Re-watch w/ Commentary by Abel Ferrara):- 5 Stars

5th:- Goodbye to Love:- 4.75 Stars

6th:- Apaches (1977) (Unlisted):- 2 Stars

7th:- Weekend (1967):- 4.5 Stars

9th:- My Childhood:- 4 Stars

11th:- Late Spring:- 5 Stars

14th:- Brief Encounter:- 4.5 Stars

15th:- Those Awful Hats:- 3 Stars

18th:- The Twilight Zone: The Shelter:- 4 Stars

19th:- Letter in Motion:- 4 Stars

21st:- Public Enemies:- 5 Stars

25th:- The Sunchaser:- 5 Stars

28th:- Big Wednesday:- 4 Stars

30th:- Year of the Dragon:- 4 Stars

31st:- The Big Sleep (1946):- 4 Stars

1st February:- Submarine Sandwich:- 4 Stars

4th:- The Thin Blue Line:- 4 Stars
The Umbrella Man:- 3 Stars

6th:- Vernon Florida:- 4 Stars

9th:- Franz Kafka’s It’s a Wonderful Life:- 2 Stars

12th:- Die Hard (Rewatch):- 4 Stars

14th:- Cracking Up:- 4 Stars

17th:- The Karski Report:- 4 Stars

19th:- The Steel Helmet:- 4.5 Stars

22th:- Boyhood:- 4.5 Stars

23rd:- Limelight:- 3 Stars

24th:- Liverpool (2009):- 4 Stars
Letter to Serra:- 4.5 Stars

25th:- Silver Lode:- 4 Stars

26th:- Escape from New York:- 4 Stars

28th:- No Name on the Bullet:- 4 Stars

1st March:- Hedd Wyn:- 4 Stars

2nd:- Jafar Tzafar (Unlisted):- 1.5 Stars
Spider (2007):- 1 Star
Talk:- 4 Stars
Bus 44:- 3 Stars
Porcelain Unicorn (Unlisted):- 2 Stars

8th:- Walls:- 4 Stars
Lykantropia:- 2 Stars

11th:- My Beautiful Laundrette:- 2 Stars

12th:- They Live:- 4.5 Stars

15th:- The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes:- 5 Stars

16th:- Horror of Dracula:- 4 Stars

19th:- Fantasma:- 3 Stars
S/T:- 3 Stars

20th:- China Girl:- 4 Stars
Dream Piece:- 2 Stars
The Garden of Earthly Delights:- 4 Stars
Eye Myth:- 4.5 Stars

21st:- California:- 3 Stars
Di Cavalcanti:- 4 Stars

22nd:— All my life:- 3 Stars
Castro Street:- 4 Stars

25th:- Day of the Dead:- 4 Stars

28th:- Kind Hearts and Coronets:- 4.5 Stars

29th:- Los Muertos:- 5 Stars
Dos en la vereda:- 3 Stars
Crime Story:- 4 Stars

31st:- The Lavender Hill Mob:- 4 Stars

1st April:- Fat City:- 5 Stars

2nd:- Cockfighter:- 4 Stars

3rd:- Ride in the Whirlwind:- 4.5 Stars
Sherlock: A Study in Pink:- 4 Stars

4th:- Sherlock: The Blind Banker:- 3 Stars
Sherlock: The Great Game:- 4 Stars
Sherlock: A Scandal in Belgravia:- 4 Stars

5th:- Sherlock: The Hounds of Baskerville:- 4 Stars
Chronicle of Anna Magdalena Bach:- 5 Stars

6th:- Sherlock: The Reichenbach Fall:- 4 Stars
Sherlock: The Empty Hearse:- 4 Stars
Sherlock: The Sign of Three:- 3 Stars
Sherlock: His Last Vow:- 4 Stars

9th:- Chafariz Das Virtudes:- 3 Stars
Ruggles of Red Gap:- 4 Stars

12th:- The Drop:- 4.5 Stars

14th:- Wooden Crosses:- 4 Stars

16th:- Paisan:- 4.5 Stars

17th:- Bitter Victory:- 4.5 Stars

22nd:- Fast Film:- 4 Stars

23rd:- Love Streams:- 5 Stars

24th:- Guardians of the Galaxy:- 4 Stars

26th:- Gloria (1980):- 3 Stars

27th:- Commingled Containers:- 4 Stars
Water for Maya:- 4 Stars

29th:- Manhunter:- 4.5 Stars

2nd May:- Pierrot Le Fou:- 4.5 Stars

5th:- The Devil Rides Out:- 4.5 Stars
True Detective Season 1:- 4 Stars

6th:- Suspense (1913):- 4 Stars
Hound of the Baskervilles:- 4 Stars

8th:- Black Gold (2014):- 3 Stars
My Pepper Heart:- 2 Stars
Dracula: Prince of Darkness:- 3 Stars

9th:- Mikey and Nicky:- 4 Stars

11th:- Jauja:- 4.5 Stars

12th:- Origins of the 21st Century:- 5 Stars

13th:- The Power of Speech:- 3 Stars

14th:- Escape from L.A:- 4.5 Stars

17th:- Coal Money:- 4 Stars
Robert. A Fortunate Life:- 4 Stars

18th:- La Chambre:- 3 Stars

19th:- Ashes (2012):- 4.5 Stars

20th:- The Forgotten Faces:- 4 Stars

21st:- From What is Before:- 5 Stars

23rd:- Privilege:- 4 Stars

24th:- Night Call:- 4 Stars

25th:- Cat People (1942):- 4 Stars

28th:- A Fish called Wanda:- 4 Stars

29th:- Franz Kafka (1991):- 4 Stars

31st:- Artemis’ Knee:- 5 Stars

1st June:- A Propos De Venise:- 4 Stars
Rue Fontaine:- 4 Stars

3rd:- 2013/Dilbar:- 4 Stars
These Encounters of Theirs:- 4.5 Stars

7th:- Syndromes and a Century:- 4 Stars

8th:- The Face Behind the Mask:- 3 Stars
Canyon Passage:- 5 Stars

9th:- The Leopard Man:- 4.5 Stars
The Freedom of a Leg:- 4 Stars

10th:- Lights (1966):- 2 Stars

13th:- The Pig (1970):- 4 Stars

15th:- Vampires (1998):- 4 Stars

17th:- Twin Peaks (1990):- 4 Stars

19th- Absurda:- 3 Stars

22nd:- Fighting Friends:- 4 Stars
The Lady of Musashino:- 4.5 Stars

24th:- The Battle of Midway:- 4 Stars

26th:- Mogambo:- 4 Stars
A Century of Energy:- 4 Stars

1st July:- The World’s End:- 4 Stars

2nd:- The Wolf of Wall Street:- 4 Stars

3rd:- The Land Before Time (Rewatch):- 4 Stars
Edvard Munch:- 5 Stars

6th:- Doug Stanhope: Beer Hall Putsch:- 4 Stars

11th:- Touch of Evil:- 5 Stars

12th:- Predator (Rewatch):- 4.5 Stars

16th:- Steamboat Round the Bend:- 5 Stars

23rd:- Casino (Rewatch):- 5 Stars

26th:- White Heat:- 4 Stars

27th:- The Sopranos:- 5 Stars

28th:- Monsieur Verdoux:- 5 Stars
One A.M:- 4 Stars

30th:- The Thing (Rewatch):- 5 Stars

31st:- The Grand Budapest Hotel:- 4 Stars

3rd Aug:- Mighty like a Moose:- 4 Stars

4th:- Blackhat:- 5 Stars

5th:- My Neighbour Totoro:- 5 Stars

6th:- Russell Howard: Wonderbox (Unlisted)
Hot Fuzz (Rewatch):- 4 Stars

9th:- In the Darkness of Time (Unlisted) (Extract from Ten Minutes Older: The Cello):- 4.5 Stars
Tribute to Eric Rohmer:- 3 Stars
Farewell to TNS:- 3 Stars
Prix Suisse/ My Thanks/ Dead or Alive:- 3 Stars
Revolution (1963):- 3 Stars

10th:- Now!:- 4 Stars
Florence:- 3 Stars
The Tiger leaps and kills but it will die…….it will die:- 4.5 Stars

11th:- 79 Springs:- 5 Stars

14th:- Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation:- 3 Stars

16th:- Inherent Vice:- 4 Stars

18th:- Junkopia:- 4 Stars
An Owl Is an Owl Is an Owl (Unlisted):- 3 Stars
Zoo Piece (Unlisted):- 3 Stars
Kino:- 4 Stars

19th:- French Cancan:- 5 Stars
Magnolia:- 4 Stars
American Beauty:- 3 Stars

24th:- Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone:- 3 Stars

25th:- All the World’s Memory:- 4 Stars

26th:-Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1:- 4 Stars

27th:- Couch:- 2 Stars
Mattress Man Commercial:- 3 Stars
The Terminator:- 4 Stars

28th:- Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2:- 4 Stars

29th:- Mission Impossible:- 4 Stars
Liberty and Homeland:- 4 Stars

30th:- Cops:- 4 Stars
Neighbors:- 4.5 Stars
Terminator 2: Judgement Day:- 5 Stars

1st Sep:- The Longest Yard:- 1 Star

5th:- The Avengers:- 4 Stars

7th:- The Avengers: Age of Ultron:- 4 Stars

9th:- Legend (2015):- 3 Stars

10th:- Tie Xi Qu: West of the Tracks Part 1: Rust:- 5 Stars

12:- Mad Max: Fury Road:- 5 Stars

13th:- Bigger than Life:- 4.5 Stars

14th:- Voyage to Italy:- 5 Stars
Anno Uno:- 3 Stars

15th:- The Babadook:- 4 Stars
The Meaning of Life:- 4 Stars
Wisdom Teeth:- 2 Stars
Genre:- 4 Stars
The Dook who stole Christmas (Unlisted):- 2 Stars

17th:- Buud Yam:- 4 Stars

18th:- Crank: High Voltage:- 4 Stars

20th:- Costello Cavalcanti:- 3 Stars

22nd:- Touch of Evil (Rewatch):- 5 Stars

25th:- Come Drink with Me:- 4 Stars

26th:- The Last Laugh:- 4 Stars
Shoah Part 1:- 5 Stars

27th:- Shoah Part 2:- 5 Stars
Doctor Who: Day of the Doctor (Unlisted):- 4 Stars

29th:- Murderers Among Us:- 4 Stars
The Avengers (Rewatch):- 4 Stars

1st Oct:- Kagamijishi/ The Lion Dance:- 3 Stars

2nd:- In the Streets:- 4 Stars

3rd:- Donald Glover: Weirdo (Unlisted):- 3 Stars

5th:- Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy:- 2 Stars
A.K.A Serial Killer:- 4 Stars

6th:- Ashes and Diamonds:- 4 Stars
Inglorious Basterds:- 4 Stars

8th:- Sicario:- 4 Stars
Shoah Part 3:- 5 Stars

9th:- Shoah Part 4:- 5 Stars

11th:- Nanook of the North:- 4 Stars

12th:- Twin Town:- 4 Stars
The Blair Witch Project:- 4 Stars

13th:- Headhunters:- 3 Stars

14th:- What We do in the Shadows:- 4 Stars

15th:- Coal Face:- 4 Stars
Housing Problems:- 2 Stars
Man with a Movie Camera:- 5 Stars
Listen to Britain:- 4 Stars

16th:- The Silent Village:- 4.5 Stars

19th:- Jurassic World:- 3 Stars
Borom Sarret:- 4 Stars

20th:- Alice:- 4 Stars
Dimensions of Dialogue (Rewatch):- 4 Stars

22nd:- Don’t Look Back:- 4 Stars
Star Wars: Episode 4 – A New Hope (Rewatch):- 4 Stars

23rd:- Star Wars: Episode 5 – Empire Strikes Back (Rewatch):- 4.5 Stars

24th:- Dazed and Confused:- 5 Stars

26th:- Boy (2014) (Unlisted):- 2 Stars
Spectre:- 3 Stars

27th:- Aguirre: Wrath of God (Rewatch):- 4 Stars
The Texas Chainsaw Massacre:- 4.5 Stars

28th:- Venice 70: Future Reloaded: Paul Schrader:- 3 Stars
Venice 70: Future Reloaded: Yorgos Lanthimos:- 4 Stars
Black Girl:- 4.5 Stars

29th:- The Curse of the Werewolf:- 4.5 Stars
Night and Fog:- 4 Stars
The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2:- 4 Stars

30th:- Zombie (1979):- 4 Stars
A Day in the Country:- 5 Stars

31st:- Halloween:- 4 Stars

1st Nov:- Venice 70: Future Reloaded: Ermanno Olmi:- 3 Stars
Venice 70: Future Reloaded: Brillante Mendoza:- 2 Stars

3rd:- The Marriage of Maria Braun (Rewatch):- 5 Stars
Suspiria:- 3 Stars

4th:- Hellboy:- 2 Stars

5th:- Touching the Void:- 4 Stars
The Heisters:- 3 Stars
Ali: Fear Eats the Soul:- 4.5 Stars

7th:- Titicut Follies:- 4 Stars

10th:- Singin’ in the Rain (Rewatch):- 5 Stars

12th:- Sans Soleil (Rewatch):- 5 Stars

13th:- Grease (Rewatch):- 3 Stars

14th:- Goodbye CP:- 4.5 Stars
The Twilight Zone: The Masks:- 4 Stars

15th:- The Hunger Games:- 3 Stars

16th:- Lovesong:- 4 Stars
Glaze of Cathexis:- 4 Stars

17th:- The Country Doctor:- 4 Stars
Alice in the Cities:- 4 Stars
Queen (2014):- 3 Stars

19th:- Roger & Me:- 4 Stars

21st:- Food (1993):- 3 Stars

26th:- The Hunger Games: Catching Fire:- 3 Stars
The Gleaners & I:- 4 Stars

27th:- Control:- 4 Stars

30th:- Inside Out:- 4 Stars

1st Dec:- Leila Attacks:- 4 Stars
E-clip-se:- 2 Stars

2nd:- Ms. 45:- 4.5 Stars

4th:- Only Angels Have Wings:- 5 Stars
Riley’s First Date?:- 3 Stars

5th:- Curse of Frankenstein:- 3 Stars

6th:- Citizenfour:- 4 Stars

7th:- It’s a Wonderful Life (Rewatch):- 5 Stars

8th:- Good Bye Lenin:- 4 Stars
The Intouchables:- 4 Stars

9th:-Black Christmas:- 4 Stars

10th:- Waltz with Bashir:- 4 Stars
Duck Amuck (Rewatch):- 5 Stars
Rabbit Rampage (Rewatch):- 4 Stars

11th:- Captain America: The First Avenger:- 4 Stars

13th:- T,O,U,C,H,I,N,G:- 3 Stars

14th:- Dr. Who & The Daleks:- 3 Stars

15th:- Tie Xi Qu: West of the Tracks Part 2: Remnants:- 4.5 Stars

16th:- Star Wars: Episode 6 – Return of the Jedi (Rewatch):- 4 Stars

17th:- Star Wars: Episode 7 – The Force Awakens:- 4 Stars
Dave Chappelle: For What It’s Worth:- 4 Stars

20th:- Precautions against Fanatics:- 3 Stars

21st:- Stromboli: Land of God:- 4.5 Stars

22nd:- L’ Amore (1948):- 2 Stars

25th:- A Very Murray Christmas:- 3 Stars
They Caught the Ferry- 4 Stars
The Fight Against Cancer:- 2 Stars
Storstromsbroen:- 4 Stars
Pasolini (2014):- 4.5 Stars

27th:- Hawks and Sparrows:- 4.5 Stars

31st:- West of the Tracks Part 3: Rails:- 4 Stars
An Autumn Afternoon:- 4.5 Stars

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