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Here are few of my favorite animations i’ve seen.

not on mubi:
Bunny Blue Sky (Chris Wedge, 1998)
Lavatory Lovestory (Konstantin Bronzit, 2007)
Koko’s Earth Control (Max & Dave Fleischer, 1928)
The Flying Man (George Dunning, 1962)
Humorous Phases of Funny Faces (J. Stuart Blackton, 1906)
Technological Threat (Bill Kroyer, 1988)
Conte de quartier (Florence Miailhe, 2006)
Banquise (Claude Barras, Cédric Louis, 2005)
Seiltänzer (Raimund Krumme, 1986)
Even pigeons go to heaven (Samuel Tourneux, 2007)