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Best of the Aughts

by Ricky Blue

favorite movies, 2000-2009.

No entry on this site for: The 11th Hour, Aimee & Jaguar, L’auberge espagnole, The Beliver, Berlin Babylon, Best in Show, Black Snake Moan, Blind Spot- Hitlers Secretary, Boy A, Broken English, Cherry Blossoms, The Color of Paradise, Control Room, Dear Zachary, Derrida, The Devil Came on Horseback, The Eyes of Tammy Faye, Friends with Money, Heaven, Into the Arms of Strangers, Iron Jawed Angels, jimmy Carter Man from Plains, No End in Sight, No Man’s Land, The Nomi Song, Protagonist, Raging Sun Raging Sky, Real Women Have Curves, Sleepy Time Gal, Sophie Scholl, Southern Comfort, Stevie, Strella