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Celebrating Indonesian Cinema: 25 Best Films

by homer harianja
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In 2006 Tabloid Bintang polled the Indonesian’s leading film critics to compile a list of the best Indonesian films of all time. Of the 160 films entered were chosen 25 films that can be categorized as the best.
25. Inem Pelayan Sexy (Nya’ Abbas Akup 1977).. my rating 5/5
24. Eliana, Eliana (Riri Riza, 2002)..4/5
23. Gita Cinta dari SMA (Arizal, 1979)
22. Cintaku di Rumah Susun (Nya’ Abbas Akup, 1987)..i’m going to see soon..already got the vcd
21. Pengantin Remaja (Wim Umboh, 1971)
20. Si Mamad (Sjuman Djaya, 1973)..based on chekov’s story. i doubt if i’m gonna...

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