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Films from 1920s to now (and into the 2020s) that have personally shaped, helped to theorise, expanded, and above all challenged my understanding of documentary, the use of documentary codes and conventions, and the dynamic points where documentary and fiction meet.

Not listed in mubi:

An American Family (1973, Susan/Alan Raymond)
Far From Poland (1984, Jill Godmilow)
Babakiueria (1986, Don Featherstone)
The Battle of Orgreave (2001, Mike Figgis)
Ford Transit (2002, Hany Abu-Assad)
DV China (2003, Zheng Dasheng)
Slingshot Hip Hop (2008, Jackie Salloum)
The Circle (2013, Bram Conjaerts)
Documentary Now! (2015-, various)