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Endless Fall 2014

by Scumbalina

I took a break from Mubi for a while (got hooked on Letterboxd). But of course my list making addiction has led me back here, so as anticipated (by no one) all movies seen in 2014….

Not on Mubi…

1. Arise! SubGenius Recruitment Film #16
2. Alone in the Wilderness
3. Cooking with Huck Botko
4. Bewitched (1981)
5. Criminally Insane 2

6. Elevator Girls in Bondage
7. Metal Messiah
8. Baby Ghost
9. Big Sur – Wild California
10. A Talking Cat

11. Fucked Up Friends
12. Child of Rage
13. Chicken Hawk: Men Who Love Boys
14. Corey Haim: Me, Myself and I