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FILM OF THE YEAR (1930-2011)

by Tom JF
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My favourite film of the year (and the runner up) from 1930 to present day. Expect this list to change as more classics are discovered.

Animal Crackers (1930)

1930 Animal Crackers (Heerman, V)
runner up: Brats (Parrott, J)
1931 M (Lang, F)
runner up: Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde (Mamoulian, R)
1932 Scarface (Hawks, H)
runner up: The Old Dark House (Whale, J)
1933 King Kong (Cooper, M & Schoedsack, E)
runner up: Island of Lost Souls (Kenton, E)
1934 The Thin Man (Van Dyke, WS)
runner up: It Happened One Night (Capra, F)

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